Da da da da, da da daaaah, da da da da, da da, da, da, daaaaah….

No, I haven't just suffered a blogging breakdown and lost my marbles. It's the Indiana Jones theme tune!

Oh how I love the Indiana Jones movies. They remind me of good times spent with my family. I vividly remember watching ‘The Temple of Doom' with my wonderful granddad when I was little and being shocked by all the bugs, brains and gross stuff. Then watching the movies as a teenager with my mum (I think we both had a little crush on Harrison Ford) and the best present Zee ever got me? The Indiana Jones Box Set, of course!

So, when this shoot landed in my inbox I was BEYOND excited to share it with you all. Not least because the photos and styling are by the lovely and talented Diana Rush.

The shoot was part of an article featured on CNN's Geek Out blog all about ‘Nerdmances' (nerd romances and geeky engagement shoots). I absolutely love how David and Erin channeled their inner Harrison Ford and Laura Croft to become adventurous, fearless explorers for the day.

It was shot in Disneyland and it's all sorts of awesome.


See what I mean ~ all sorts of awesome.

These images are fun yet so beautifully styled and shot. There are some really gorgeous photos of Erin and David looking all loved up as well as some hilarious shots with the snakes!

Okay, I know it's only January but I can already tell this engagement shoot is going to be in my Top Shoots of 2012 blog post come December. Any other Indie fans out there?

Thanks so much to Diana Rush for sharing this. It's always such a pleasure featuring her creative, beautiful work.

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