I had eyelash extensions applied before my wedding and I absolutely LOVED them!

I could out flutter Bambi and it was such a relief not to worry about my mascara running if (and when) the tears came.

As my eyelash extensions lasted for around 4 weeks, I felt pretty for all those pre and post wedding gatherings too. Which was an added bonus.

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So when Asma of Boudoir Lashes contacted me to see if I'd like to review her professional eyelash extension treatment, I jumped at the chance.

But I must admit I was also little apprehensive due to my previous eyelash extension experience at another salon. 4-5 weeks after my extensions had been applied my eyelashes felt itchy as they grew out. I kept rubbing my eyes which caused the extensions to fall out prematurely (along my my natural lashes!) and I was left with short, stumpy lashes and gaps in my lash line. Not a good look.

Understandably I didn't want to go through that again.

Boudoir Lashes ~ Professional Eyelash Extension Specialists

So I did a bit of research and checked out the Boudoir Lashes website and I was very impressed. Asma includes step by step photos so that you know what to expect during the treatment (I'd gone into my appointment the year before absolutely clueless). All the photos on her website are of treatments she's done ~ not stock photos, and there is a wealth of information on there, including an extremely comprehensive FAQs section.

I definitely felt that I was in safe hands so I accepted her kind offer and headed to the Boudoir Lashes treatment room in top London make up boutique, Becca, in South Kensington, London. And what a gorgeous boutique it is too!

Asma, Boudoir Lashes, Becca Boutique

Photo of Asma at the Becca boutique via London Beauty Review

Asma greeted me with a warm smile and was happy to discuss my concerns about the treatment.

She explained that correctly applied extensions, carefully tailored to each individual lash should help to avoid lash loss. She also explained that it's normal for eyelashes to feel sparser afterwards due to the natural cycle of eyelash growth and loss ~ often because we get so used to having thick, long dark lashes, our regular lashes seem much shorter in comparison. In-fill sessions every 3-4 weeks can help to prolong the eyelash extensions and Boudoir Lashes also offers clients the option to have the extensions professionally removed rather than waiting for them to fall out naturally.

This pre-treatment chat really helped to put my mind at ease and relaxed me into the treatment (I suspect the soothing temple massage helped too!)

The Treatment

Here's a step by step demonstration of how the therapists at Boudoir Lashes professionally apply eyelash extensions ~ this is the exact treatment I had.

The process involves attaching single strands of high quality synthetic eyelashes, one by one, onto your own natural lashes to mimic, enhance, and “extend” your own natural lashes. A variety of extensions are applied to add volume, length and curl. Styling of lashes are highly customised to create a look that is bespoke to you.

Step 1: Therapist prepares client for treatment with a temple massage

Step 2: Bottom lashes are taped down, out of the way (this was the only part of the treatment that felt a little uncomfortable but after a few minutes, my eyes relaxed).

Step 3: Lashes are cleansed to remove traces of make up and other residue

Step 4: Lashes are brushed to ensure separation

Step 5: An individual lash is isolated

Step 6: Then an extension is applied to the isolated lash

Step 7: Once the desired look has been created, lashes are air dried to ensure no fumes or wet glue are present

Step 10: Once the pads are removed from under your eyes, slowly open your eyes…and start fluttering!

Boudoir Lashes eyelash extension treatment (8)

The treatment lasted just over an hour and it was surprisingly relaxing. I could barely feel Asma attaching the individual lashes (she has such a steady hand) it just felt like someone was gently stroking my lashes. I even nodded off to sleep a few times. Throughout the treatment Asma was friendly, calm and professional.

The Results

When I awoke, I looked in the mirror to discover I had the loveliest lashes! They looked so long, dark and luscious. I noticed a huge difference yet when I got home, although Zee knew something was different, he couldn't quite put his finger on what it was. (Men eh?)

However, I'm glad my lashes weren't OTT ~ I really wanted to avoid that ‘spider's legs'/glamour model look. The extensions blended seamlessly with my own lashes and looked enhanced but natural. Like I was one of those lucky girls with naturally long lashes.

The Before and After Shots

(Before on the left, after on the right…obviously. Please ignore the lack of make up and dodgy fringe.)

boudoir lashes

Before I left the salon, Asma provided an after care sheet full of information and the reassuring promise of being on the other end of the phone should I have any questions or concerns. I also felt safe in the knowledge that I could have my extensions professionally removed if I felt uncomfortable/worried at any point.

After The Treatment

Do you know what the best part about eyelash extensions is?

A whole month of not wearing mascara!

I left the house far quicker than usual. All I needed was a bit of concealer, powder and lippie and l was good to go. (FYI you'll rarely catch me leaving the house without mascara and eyeliner on!)

I tried to follow the after care instructions meticulously but I failed miserably at sleeping on my back as opposed to my side!

I phone photos a week later (after a much needed trip to the hair colourist and with a touch of my favourite pinky red lipstick on).


Would I get extensions from Boudoir Lashes again?

YES! For special occasions, maybe once or twice a year and I'd definitely recommend brides head to Boudoir Lashes before the big day. Asma can help you to achieve your desired bridal look from natural to full on glamourous lashes.

(You could even take your maids for manicures, beauty classes, make up application or a pampering hen do at the Becca salon too!)

How Long Did The Lashes Last?

My lashes looked gorgeous for about 4 weeks after they were first applied and I hardly noticed they were there. I found them a little uncomfortable after that, during the ‘growing out' phase, so I decided to have them professionally removed by Asma. This was the perfect option for me as I have a tendency to rub my eyes but I'm sure other people would be fine waiting for the extensions to fall out naturally.

The main thing I've learnt about eyelash extensions:

I think that whatever happens, when the extensions come off, you'll notice a big difference ~ just as you do when they're first applied. It's only natural. But, if you choose your therapist carefully, and follow the after care advice to a tee, your natural lashes should be fine after the treatment.

Many thanks to Asma of Boudoir Lashes for a wonderful treatment.Visit the Boudoir Lashes website for more information.

(Disclosure – lashes applied free for purposes of review)

I'd love to hear your eyelash extension experiences, are you considering extensions for your wedding day?