So it's time for another installment of BUY or DIY?

This time, we're talking scratch cards ~ those fun, lotto inspired cards that make what's underneath much more exciting!

The scratch card concept is often used for Save The Date cards ~ use them to keep your guests guessing until revealing the date of your wedding and/or the names of the happy couple getting married. They can also be used in similar ways on invites to bridal/baby showers, stag or bachelorette parties.

There are some really cute customisable ‘ready made' options to buy or you could whip up some silver scratch-able paint  by mixing acrylic paint with washing up liquid then paint it over your own design/chosen save the date cards.

Or as a DIY/BUY compromise, you can buy ready made scratch off stickers at My Scratch Off Labels in a variety of different shapes and sizes and stick them over your save the dates (which is a much less time consuming option).


I love these quirky scratch off save the date cards from Unless Someone Like You on Etsy: 

scratch off save the date record player

scratch off save the date city skyline

Or why not have your guests guess the location of your wedding like this couple did for their invitations?

scratch off save the date wedding location

Design by Swiss Cottage Designs via Oh So Beautiful Paper


Feeling crafty? Creating scratch off paint is easy as pie!

scratch off save the date how to tutorial by Martha Stewart Weddings

Here's one Martha Stewart made earlier with a free downloadable template. However I strongly suggest you check out the comments on this tutorial ~ the best advice is to use contact paper over the area you want scratched off or laminate the cards so that the silver paint scratches off properly.

I recommend following this in-depth step by step tutorial over on Art Mind which doesn't look quite as pretty but is very practical and includes that all important contact paper step:

How To Make Scratch Off Cards Tutorial by Art Mind tools

painting scratch off cards Art Mind tutorial

How To Make Scratch Off Cards Tutorial by Art Mind

As you can see, the paint is quite thin, so you'll need to do two or three coats to completely cover your secret message.

I also found this scratch off card video tutorial by Hello Brit (inspired by Valentine's Day but just as appropriate for weddings too!) the heart stencil idea is so cute and it just goes to show you don't have to use silver metallic paint. I also love the idea of covering a polaroid in black ‘scratch off' paint ~ this could take your scratch card ‘reveal' to a whole new level!

You could take photos of you and your partner then print out and laminate or use glossy photo paper (as opposed to using polaroids as the film is so expensive!) Write ‘Guess who's getting hitched?' and your guests can have fun imagining which of their friends or family are getting married!

You could even take it a step further and have a photo of you both holding a sign with your wedding date!

If you do decide to DIY your save the dates, do a few practice cards first ~ it would seem from the comments on these tutorials that a bit of trial and error is involved in creating just the right ‘scratch off' paint. I wouldn't want you guys to spend hours painting 100 cards only to realise they didn't work!

So…would you BUY or DIY?

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