Green and white weddings are fast becoming a modern classic.*

Marianne and Jim show us just how gorgeous this clean, fresh and modern colour palette can look with a touch of gold. Marianne is one of the most elegant brides I've ever seen, her half up half down hairstyle is effortlessly chic** and don't get me started on her perfectly fitted lace, fishtail dress. Marianne spent hours in the run up to their wedding learning the art of calligraphy ~ amazing right? Her absolutely exquisite calligraphy was incorporated into every aspect of their wedding from the save the date cards to the place settings and Mary Dougherty documented their day with her classic, timeless and beautiful photography.

Scroll down for Marianne and Jim's love story ~ they fell in love with each other and Portland. Their wedding was held at the historic University Club Of Portland.

Mary Dougherty Photography shares a little more about Marianne and Jim:

Portland. It was the city Marianne knew and loved. She only moved away from it for a short time, to attend college and play soccer across the country in New York. She took long flights home enjoyed spending breaks with friends when a trip wasn’t in the cards. It wasn’t easy being so far away, and it always held a special place in her heart. Upon graduation, it was an easy choice when deciding where to start her career and life on her own, but it was hard to move away from the friends she grew so close to in New York. One of those friends turned in to so much more. Their relationship began late in college, so when Marianne decided to move back to Portland it was a big decision for Jim to follow. He dove in to the adventure of moving across the country and began his masters. He grew to love the city at the same time as he fell deeper in love with Marianne.

It was fitting that their choice for a wedding day was also a day when Portland was at it’s best, the day of the Rose Parade. Like clockwork the details she planned for the day began to fall in to place. Forecasts for rain proved erroneous and what unfolded was a modern and chic wedding day unlike any other. Throughout the wedding it was clear that when they were planning they were thinking of their guests. Handwritten details adorned each place setting and the flow of the wedding events was clear and uninterrupted. Even the idea of having their wedding on the same day as the Rose Parade allowed family to enjoy a long standing tradition and out of town guests to experience the best of the city. 

Congratulations Marianne and Jim, wishing you a lifetime of happiness!

*My best friend had a beautiful green and white wedding in Thailand last year. At first I was a little dubious about wearing a green maid of honor dress but everything looked absolutely beautiful ~ see! (One day I will share their professional photos of their beautiful wedding celebrations in Thailand and England, pinky promise.)

**If you loved Marianne's hairstyle as much as I do, you should check out this tutorial.