These stunning images captured on film by Elisa B Photography have such a soft, romantic feel to them.

The newlyweds welcome spring as they stroll through the high grass, soak up the gorgeous light and share an intimate meal at a perfectly set, rustic farm table.  There is so much beauty to take in.

Elisa, shares a little more about the shoot:

This spring inspiration session is the creation of Carrie Moe, of Fleurish Events, a California based couture design studio. Inspired by the mountain backdrop of Santa Barbara, California, this session took place on a private estate in Montecito. Soft folds, feminine lines at the table, and vintage china set a comfortable and relaxed tone. The simple table echoes the lines of the dress, which rippled as the wind gently moved by.One of my favorite elements was the floral centerpiece that Carrie designed which included such variety and had a very organic feel in the way it flowed from the table.

What a truly gorgeous way to start the day and just how incredible is that asymmetric floral arrangement?!

Many thanks to Elisa B Photography for sharing these stunning images.

(Elisa B Photography is a husband and wife team based in Charlottesville, Virginia that loves to travel.)