I'm absolutely thrilled to be able to share David Pullum's modern, intense and beautiful photography with you today and offer you an interesting insight into the man behind the lens.

David told me he is not interested in detail shots but ‘great images' and I have the pleasure of sharing what he considers to be some of his greatest images. They are of the wonderful, joyful people at weddings and the special moments shared between them…not a detail shot in sight! {And all the better for it!}

I love that David's photography is often offbeat and unexpected.

His images will take your breath away and leave you wondering what hit you!

Name: David Pullum

Location/Coverage: Exeter, All of the UK, Europe and America

Describe yourself in 3 words: Husband, Father, Photographer

Describe your photography style in 3 words: Emotive, exciting, interesting

When did your love affair with photography begin?
2003, thats the first time I picked up a camera, developed my first images and was hooked from there on in.

What inspires you? People, great photography, my kids

What do you enjoy most about your job?

Meeting people on the day of the wedding, I love working closely with my Bride and Grooms, their family and friends. For me its the only way of showing their personality.

What is your favourite wedding moment to capture on camera?

The Unexpected One.

What advice would you give to couples to help them to get the best from their wedding photography?

Be yourself, relax and enjoy your day.

Out of all the weddings you have photographed, which photo makes you go ‘Wow!’ every-time you see it?

A cake cutting shot I took in Jersey this year, thats the unexpected moment I refer to above.

Arghhhh! This photo was captured at the perfect moment! I love the fact that the groom is completely oblivious to the impending carnage…

If that glimpse has made you want to find out more make sure you visit the David Pullum Photography website and, for all of David's latest shoots, visit his blog.

I want to say thanks again to David for taking part in A Glimpse Behind the Lens and sharing his breath-taking images. I feel very privileged to share them with you today.

I don't know about you but my jaw is still on the floor after seeing that cake photo!

If that were you, would you laugh or cry?