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After all, wedding planning doesn't have to be so serious all the time!

If you're looking for wedding music inspiration check out this fabulous post by Aria Melody DJ on alternatives to the traditional wedding march.

But if you're looking for a giggle, read on…

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It can be very tricky choosing your wedding music.

There's so much to think about ~ what songs represent you as a couple or have a special meaning? What song is the perfect pace for walking down the aisle? What song do you want to share your first ever dance to as a married couple?

To help you narrow down your choices, here are some songs you might want to avoid!

The Top 15 Most Inappropriate Wedding Songs

Caught Out There by Kelis ~ screaming ‘I hate you so much right now…arghhhhhhhh!' may not be the best start to married life.

F**k It (I Don’t Want You Back) by Eamon ~ remember when this song came out and we were all shocked at the amount of times Eamon used the F word? Just imagine how shocked your nan would be!

I wish that I had Jessie’s Girl by Rick Springfield ~ when your new husband looks into your eyes as you walk down the aisle the last thing he should be thinking about is Jessie's girl.

I’ll Kill Her by Soko ~ the French accent and melody are very catchy but perhaps talk of killing should be avoided at weddings?

I Hope You Die by The Bloodhound Gang ~ ok just death in general then.

Unfaithful by Rhianna ~ grounds for divorce is also something to avoid when choosing wedding songs.

Having My Baby by Paul Anka ~ the perfect explanation song for a shot gun wedding but there are better ways to share the good news.

Rubber Ducky by Ernie (Sesame Street) or any Children’s TV show songs of the same twee ilk, unless of course you or your partner happen to be Big Bird or work at Disney World.

I Wanna Sex You Up by Colour Baad, Let's talk about Sex by Salt ‘N Pepper or any other sexually explicit track (there are far too many to mention in one post!) It's actually very difficult to find a modern song that doesn't have references to sex.

Zee and I wanted to have Lost Without You by Robin Thicke as our first dance song but there's a few dodgy lyrics that weren't quite appropriate.

Too Drunk to F*ck by Dead Kennedys ~ let's face it, there is a high probability that this will be the case but why tempt fate?

Most Beautiful Girl In The Room by Flight Of The Choncords ~ way to make a bride feel special with lyrics like ‘you're so beautiful you could be a part time model…or a high class prostitute'.

Gold digger by Kanye West ft Jamie Foxx or What's Love Got To Do With It? by Tina Turner ~ if it's a loveless marriage of convenience, why not tell it how it is?

Stay Together For The Kids by Blink 182 ~ now that's just depressing.

The Vagina Song by Bloodhound Gang ~ any song based on sexual organs is bound to make the majority of your guests blush. In fact any song by Bloodhound Gang is sure to have the same effect.

I Was Only Kidding by Weird Al Yankovik ~ the first few lines say it all really:

When I said that I'd be faithful, when I promised I'd be true,
When I swore that I could never be with anyone but you,
When I told you that I loved you with those tender words I spoke…
I was only kidding, can't you take joke?

I've created a Spotify playlist which you can check out here. However I don't recommend you blare it from your office computer as it's 100% NSFW.

Have you got any more totally inappropriate wedding songs to add to this list? There are tonnes of them out there.

Please leave a comment or add them to the Spotify list. I'd love to hear your thoughts!

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