I cannot begin to tell you how much I adore Freya Rose's exquisite shoes…seriously we'd be here for hours!

So I'll let the shoes do the talking:


‘Della Blossom'


{Aren't they just the most romantic, dreamy, beautiful shoes you've ever seen?}

Now let the experts from Freya Rose sweet talk you with all their talk of hand crafted goodness and mother of pearl touches:

‘Freya Rose shoes are handmade by craftsmen who have learnt their trade through generations, made in the finest materials from Italy.

The bridal and special occasion collection incorporates fresh water pearls, couture Parisian lace and heels adorned in mother of pearl in their inspired designs.

The intricate detailing of these beautiful shoes truly makes for a luxurious and unique collection.'

As as a result of all this opulence, they come with a hefty price tag with prices starting from £195 upwards. {The Cinderella slippers below are a whopping £675…thank goodness Cinderella married a prince!}

‘Cinderella Slipper'

The couture shoemakers can customise your pretty shoes with a choice of hand made trims that incorporate crystals, feathers; even snippets of your wedding dress (or your mother's/grandmother's)! How lovely is that?!

Visit their website here to find out more.

Elizabeth x