Every bride dreams of plodding down the aisle in a pair of comfy, cosy UGGs…don't they?

Well apparently not. When UGG debuted their new I Do Wedding Collection last month they were met with fierce criticism from the media, fashionistas and wedding industry alike.

However, brides, grooms and the wedding industry itself, seem to have collectively embraced comfy, practical footwear such as TOMs, Converse and wellies at weddings so why not UGGs?!

Thayer Allyson Gowdy via  Martha Stewart Weddings

I'll be the first to admit, I love my UGG boots. Classic ‘Sand' colour in the tall or short size are my go-to casual winter shoes.

I've never been one for crazy colours or embellishments so in all honesty, I find the new metallic, blue soled, Swarovski crystal covered UGG Wedding Collection positively hideous…especially the sequined ‘Sparkles I Do!' (The name alone sends shivers down my spine. And yes, the exclamation mark is part of the name.)

Bailey I Do UGG boot wedding collection

'Bailey I Do!' UGG boot

Sparkles I Do UGG Boot wedding collection

'Sparkles I Do!' UGG Boot

Fluff Flip Flop I Do! UGG wedding collection

'Fluff Flip Flop I Do!'

However, I have a soft spot for those cute, fluffy flip flops ~ I imagine it'd be lovely padding about in them on the morning of your wedding!

Same goes for a classic pair of UGGs for you and your maids getting ready at a winter wedding or perhaps getting through the snow to the ceremony venue or for photos out in the woods after the wedding. Just check out these gorgeous brides in their Uggs.

brides in UGG boots at weddings

Clark + Walker Studio | Thayer Allyson Gowdy via  Martha Stewart Weddings

Pre and post wedding UGGs make sense to me…UGG boots down the aisle? Not so much.

It's impossible to look graceful and stylish while plodding along in UGGs!

But I want to know what YOU think…

Would you (or did you) wear UGG boots at your wedding?

(And, on a side note, is the ‘Sparkles I Do!' UGG boot the worst wedding shoe in history?)

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