Once upon a time, a young couple in love ventured into the woods to share kisses, secrets and their hearts.

It was February 14th, St Valentine's Day and there was magic in the air.

Christopher, the dashing protagonist of our story, playfully cupped his hands over Mallory's big brown eyes and lo and behold they were transported to a fairytale land of snow, roses and sumptuous red velvet.

A magical place where dreams come true…

This romantic, beautifully styled inspiration shoot with real, loved up couple, Mallory and Christopher, takes my breath away.

Ciara Richardson tells a magical fairytale with each exquisite image.

Oh how I love this shoot, it reminds me of The Chronicles Of Narnia.

Mallory looks magnificent ~ her big hair, long lashes and coral lips compliment her demure yet striking dip dyed velvet and lace dress. Can you believe that Ciara actually made that incredible dress herself?!

Many thanks to Ciara Richardson for sharing these beyond beautiful images with us today.