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I've just discovered Wanderable Honeymoon Registries and I really wish that they were around when Zee and I were engaged!

You see we'd already lived together for 5 years, we had a cosy little apartment stocked with all the crockery we needed. And yes, we even had a toaster.

So the last thing we wanted was more ‘stuff'.

What we did want was to jump on a plane and explore the world together as newlyweds. To experience new places, cultures and food. To create new memories. To Wander.

So we asked our guests (if they wished to buy us a wedding gift) to put money towards our honeymoon instead.

A honeymoon registry from Wanderable would have been a far more personable and convenient way for guests to donate money towards our travels. Much nicer to donate an experience such as ‘a romantic trip on a gondola' than cold, hard cash!

If you're looking for a honeymoon registry that makes honeymoon planning fun, is easy for guests to put money towards experiences and is completely FREE to use, then check out the Wanderable Honeymoon Registry. Having browsed the site and taken a peek at the pretty sample registries, it's clear that Wanderable are all about usability for couples creating registries and the guests that will be using them.

Setting up your registry couldn't be easier, and if you choose to upgrade to a premium honeymoon registry you can create a truly personalised registry from a variety of background designs and colour schemes as well as using your own photos.

Here are some charming sample registry designs:

I love that couples can fill their registries with gorgeous images and that guests can browse through the images and choose an experience or activity they'd like to gift to the happy couple.

Also for their convenience, guests can pay directly (and safely) through the site, via Paypal or directly to the couple via cash or cheque. They can leave a personal note along with their gift and even print out cute gift cards too! And it's super easy for couples to keep track of who's given what for those all important thank you cards.

I've just touched the surface of the fabulous features of Wanderable Honeymoon Registries so be sure to check them out for yourself.

And if you are a travel junkie with a whole host of places to visit and experiences on your bucket list, check out the addictive Wanderable social travel inspiration site. It's a great place to share and discover honeymoon ideas!

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