Sometimes all it takes is one image…

This amazing photo by Saneesh Sukumaran of Love Flickrs of a newlywed couple at the Humayun Tomb in Delhi took my breath away.

I had to see more!

Shailvi and Govind's beautiful wedding in Dehli, India, was hosted for a whopping 560 guests and more than 40 different varieties of food were served.

Wow! Can you imagine planning a wedding for that many people? (And there I was stressed out about planning for 150!)

It definitely goes down in Bridal Musings history as the biggest wedding I've ever featured.

Get ready for a visual feast of vibrant reds and golds, Hindu traditions, marigolds and fairy lights!


I was intrigued by the image below so Saneesh explained that according to Kashmiri Hindu tradition, a couple is covered by a blanket, then guests gather around throwing petals while the priest chants mantras. All the flowers pile up on them and once the priest announces that they are a married couple, the blanket is lifted and this marks the end of the wedding ceremony and the beginning of their new, married life! (You learn something new everyday.)



Saneesh of Love Flickrs shares a little more about Shailvi and Govind's wedding:

With this wedding wherever you look there are stories! Shailvi and Govind met in Chicago while doing their studies at Illinois Tech. They dated for 7 years and 2 years long distance (Delhi – Prague) and finally got married in New Delhi, India. Govind hails from Kashmir, India and Shailvi grew up pretty much every possible city in India where the Army had its base. Her father was colonel in the Indian Army and she spent her years living in different cities across India and she identifies as “Army girl” more than a “delhite”.

The wedding dress had traveled long way too. Shailvi's wedding dress was picked by her aunt and sent all the way from Islamabad, and for Govind's suit, they had to take a 3 hour train to Aligarh to find the perfect one! 

Many congratulations to Shailvi and Govind and thanks to Saneesh of Love Flickrs for sharing these gorgeous images with us today. Saneesh is based in Prague but travels all over Europe, India and wherever his next wedding takes him!

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