I know what you're thinking, just what is a flash mob first dance?

Laura and Gerry wanted to do something fun, unique and memorable on their wedding day so they arranged for a flash mob of their favourite, most co-ordinated friends and family to join them for their first dance!

The term ‘flash mob' conjures up images of grainy Youtube videos in shopping malls with muffled voices in the background. However this is not viral YouTube fodder but a beautifully shot, creative wedding film by Loveshot Productions that tells the story of this couple's beautiful wedding from the sweet, getting ready footage to the heartfelt vows and of course, their unforgettable flash mob first dance!

Laura + Gerry from David Reynosa on Vimeo.

Here's a little from the bride about their unique choice of first dance:

To pick a favorite moment from my wedding day is extremely hard to narrow down because I really actively tried to enjoy every moment. But if forced to pick just one, it would be 1minute and 16 seconds into our first dance. Why so precise? That was the exact moment the FLASH MOB took over and rushed the stage for a choreographed overhaul of our first dance.

A friend and I choreographed this flash mob for 30 or so guests to take over the dance floor during our first dance as husband and wife, but with guests coming in from all over the country and only having online videos and emails to organize everyone, we had no idea if the final result would actually be as incredible as we hoped and imagined.

So as my new husband and I were announced into the reception and took the stage, we caught each others’ eyes with the same semi-frightened, anxious smile, as if to say, “Here goes nothing, this is either going to be ABSOLUTELY AMAZING or we are going to look REALLY stupid!” But at 1:16, as the beat picked up, the friends and family engulfed the dance floor, fully pumped, dancing around us in unison! Hands went overhead simultaneously all around us and it looked INCREDIBLE! We did it!

The mob dropped to their knees to point up at us, and my new husband and I faced each other with huge smiles and the feeling of pride and joy and that we had created something unique and totally perfect for us. That flawless moment in the dance is something that just lives on forever as totally one of a kind and words just can’t do it justice, you truly had to see it to believe it.

Venue and Catering: Blackstone Country Club, Arizona, USA | Flowers: Flowers by Jodi | Photographers: Jennifer and Jennifer | DJ: Jimmy Davenport – Citron Sound Services | Bride's Dress: Priscilla of Boston | Bridesmaid Dresses: White by Vera Wang

Loveshot Productions are based in So Cal but are happy to travel ~ yay! 

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