Ever since I featured this pomtastic wedding

I've been obsessed with yarn pom poms!

DIY Pastel Pom Pom Wedding10

photo by En Pointe Photography via Bridal Musings (see the whole wedding here)

These little wooly balls have such retro charm, I bet most of you reading made them at school didn't you? Or at home if you have a crafty Martha Stewart esque family member.

Yes they are DIY by nature ~ you can make them using cardboard circles, forks or even your fingers but the thought of DIYing a whole garland full of pom poms or enough mini pom poms to use as confetti is exhausting!

You could hold a craft night with your bridesmaids/friends/family and do a pom pom blitz or make a note on your wedding invite asking your guests to make a pom pom and send it to you. Or you could always buy them ready made and good to go.

BUY Yarn Pom Poms

Etsy is brimming with yarn pom poms, from garlands to cake toppers. So you can still have that handmade feel without literally hand making every single pom pom.

Here are some of my favourites on Etsy: 

 1. yarn pom pom bouquet via Stephanie's Craft Shop ($57) | 2. mixed size yarn garland via Lammie ($22) |  3. 50 mini pom poms via Lammie ($12.50) | 4. neutral pom pom garland Beth Newcott ($46) | 5. pom pom cake toppers via So Satsuma (6 for $8) 6. extra mini glitter pom poms via Lola Loves A Party (50 for $2.25)

DIY Yarn Pom Poms

You will need:

Yarn (in a selection of your chosen colours)


Cardboard + circular template / a fork / 2-3 fingers / a pom pom maker

If you are planning on making lots of pom poms (or time is of the essence) I highly recommend investing in a pom pom maker. They're inexpensive and come in a range of sizes so you make extra large, large, medium or mini pom poms. There's even fancy heart pom pom makers! Check out Clover on Amazon for a good quality selection.

photo via Honestly WTF

There are lots of DIY yarn pom pom tutorials out there, here are some of my favourites using the different resources mentioned above.

~ A tutorial by Honestly WTF using a pom pom maker.

~ Detailed photo tutorial on using cardboard circles (including a DIY template) by Anders Ruff.

~ A visual tutorial on The Twinery demonstrating how to use a fork to make mini pom poms.

~ Links to quick and easy ‘use your fingers' photo tutorials on Offbeat Bride and Project Wedding.

And below is a fab video tutorial from Creature Comforts:

Yarn Pom Poms Wedding & Party Ideas

Once you have the actual pom pom making down you can use them in lots of different ways by simply attaching them to string or fish wire / lollipop sticks / wooden dowels or using them as a cute topper on gifts and favour bags.

Here's lots of fun ideas on how to incorporate yarn pom poms into your wedding:

From left to right, top to bottom: pom pom decor via Country Living | pom pom confetti via Style Me Pretty | pom pom drink detail via The Pleated Poppy | pom pom cake topper garland via Shortcake Party Shop on Etsy | pom pom backdrop via Style Serendipity | pom pom place card holder via Luulla

billy ball style pom poms via It's Overflowing | rainbow pom pom garland via Honestly WTF | pink and orange pom pom styling via Project Wedding | stick pom poms centerpieces via Offbeat Bride | ‘Heck Yes' pom pom cake topper / banner via Cherry Time on Etsy | giant hanging pom poms via Onto Baby | rainbow pom pom place name holders via Luulla

Use them in centerpieces or as drink decor, create garlands using different size poms, hang them vertically to create interesting table decor or use them as photobooth backdrops.

A pom pom bouquet is a fun alternative to a traditional floral bouquet that'll make a pretty addition to any vase once the wedding's been and gone.

And I love the idea of a cute pom pom as an escort card which guests can take home at the end of the night while soft, fluffy, mini pom poms are perfect to use as confetti or for extra fun on the dancefloor!

colorful yarn pom pom fun at wedding

photo by En Pointe Photography via Bridal Musings (see the whole wedding here)

I'd love to hear your ideas!

How would you use pom poms at a wedding or party (or just for the fun it)?

I think this is one project I'd DIY as it's one of those projects that doesn't require a lot of concentration so you can do it while you're watching TV or on the phone. How about you? Would you BUY or DIY?

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