So after admiring Marilyn and Patrick's colourful, laid back, hippie chic wedding through photos yesterday…

photo by Landa of I Am Yours Now

Today it's time to fall in love with their wedding all over again by watching their beautiful film.

I love the high energy and oh so cool soundtrack to this film. (Moloko & The XX!)

The videographer, Nicolaas of I Am Yours Now captures such precious and fleeting moments from Patrick's smitten glances at his beautiful bride to granny bopping her walker in time to the music. How fun that Mr & Mrs Duk included little rubber ducks in their wedding and all their guests used them as dance props!

And is it just me or is everybody drop dead gorgeous? * from I am yours now on Vimeo.

Many congratulations to Patrick and Marilyn, wishing you every happiness for the future.

Thanks to Landa and Nicolaas of I Am Yours Now for sharing their stunning photography and videography. Don't you just love that name too?!

* Zee works for a Dutch tech company (TNW) and every time we go to Amsterdam we're blown away by how tall, healthy and gorgeous everyone is. Must be all that cycling!