Braided crowns, Halo braids, Dutch, Heidi or Goddess braids…whatever term you use to describe them, I love this low maintenance braided up do for boho brides.

It's one of the easiest braided hairstyles to master and once it's pinned in place, it's not going anywhere.

Perfect for brides who like to have their hair out of their face and don't want to worry about it during the day. Just braid and go!

Check out the inspiration below…

via Reverie Magazine | Sienna Miller by PA Photos| Lauren Piper Photography via Style Me Pretty | photo by Mi Amore Photo

Neat, chic and positively angelic don't you think?

If you find this style too severe you can soften the look by keeping your fringe / bangs out or by carefully pulling a few wisps of hair out of the braids around the front of your face a' la Sienna Miller above right.

How To Do A Basic Halo Braid

This style works best on long, thick hair but you could always buy clip on braids / extensions if your heart is set on a halo braid.

At the most basic level, all you really need to do is create pigtails ~ two braids on either side of your head, below your ears (or higher if you hair is shorter), then wrap the braids across the front of your head so that they are overlapping. After that, tuck the ends of the braids under each other and pin to secure.

Braided Crown DIY Tutorials

I've selected five of my favourite tutorials (each has a slightly different twist on the style) to help you really master this look.

There are variations that involve using French braid techniques where you add more hair to each section or do double / triple braids of different sizes. (See  tutorials 1, 2, and 4.) These are much more tricky so if you're a DIY bride, make sure you get practicing in good time or leave it to the experts!

How To Halo Braid / Braided Crown DIY Tutorials

1. Those lovely Wedding Chicks show us how to create a French braid style halo braid that looks just as good from the back as the front in this photo tutorial.

2. A gorgeous shot from Harrods Magazine and a rather tricky 3 braid variation on the halo braid ~ video tutorial by top stylist, Olivier De Almeida.

3. Sweet and simple photo tutorial from Glamour featuring one of their editors.

4. This double braided crown tutorial via The Letter 4 is actually one giant French braid wrapped around twice!

5. Below is a super helpful step by step video tutorial by stylist Joy La Rosa on Howcast.

I especially love the tip about using clear elastic bands to create bunches first (so it's easier to keep your braids tight) then carefully cutting the bands off afterwards. Genius.

Is this is a bridal hair DO or a bridal hair DON'T?

I personally can't pull off halo braids, they're a bit too cutesy for me. But some ladies look effortlessly cool and graceful in them.

Would you rock the halo braid on your wedding?