Here's a sentimental new series for the weekend. (Cue that old ‘Magic Moments' song from the '50s!)

Because a wedding is not all about the gorgeous gown or the DIY decor, the fragrant flowers or the festive favors.

A wedding day is made up of a series of special moments.

Tender moments filled with laughter, love and tears.

Moments that will be treasured by each couple and their families for years to come.

And as much as I love the gorgeous gowns and the creative details, I'd also like to honour one of those magic moments each week to remind us all what weddings are really about.

So without further adieu, here's our first magic moment…

The First Dance

photo by Sweet Little Photographs via Ruffled

This image of two brides, arms and veils wrapped around each other is utterly beautiful on so many levels, it brings tears to my eyes.

What magic wedding moment are you most looking forward to?

(Or, for my fellow married readers, what were your favourite moments at your wedding?)

The first dance is definitely up there for me, although I did find it a bit nerve-wracking with everybody watching at first. Then I looked into Zee's warm, loving eyes and I forgot where I was and who was watching. It felt like we were the only two people in the world for a few precious seconds…

Then he started twirling me around awkwardly and I came crashing back down to reality. But I still loved every moment of our first dance!

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