It was actually their strapless designs that first brought Donna Morgan bridesmaids dresses to my attention.

They stood out in a sea of shapeless, satin ‘straight up and down', never to be worn again affairs due to their pleated bodices, flattering sweetheart necklines and delicate, floaty, silk chiffon fabrics.

One of their chic designs, Donna, even comes with a slim, and stylish metallic belt.

After all, whoever said bridesmaids dresses had to be plain?

So it's with great pleasure that I get to share some of the latest designs from the new, Donna Morgan Spring 2013 Collection.

Donna Morgan bridesmaids dresses cater to the fashion forward bride who wants her maids to look and feel gorgeous in flattering, feminine styles to suit every shape and size. (They're available in US sizes 0-18). As well as a wide variety of wedding styles – these dresses would look perfect on the beach, in the woods or at a formal black tie fete.

The dresses are wonderfully ‘mix and matchable' (it's a real thing you know) with 13 core bodies offered in 15 core colors.

‘Gulf Stream', a delicate turquoise (pictured below) is one of my favourite shades and, according to the Donna Morgan team, it's one of their most popular colours for 2013 brides!

As you can see the collection is filled to the brim with sherbet shades that are sure to satisfy even the sweetest tooth.

Chic, versatile and reasonably priced (from $178 – $230). What more could you and your maids ask for?

How about immediate shipping?

And the option to buy from Nordstrom? (Perfect for non-US customers as they ship internationally.) Hurrah!

Check out the full 2013 Bridesmaid Dress Collection on the Donna Morgan website, your maids will thank you for it.

Such pretty pastels ~ I love the thought of a rainbow of sorbet shades. Don't you?