I have the sweetest, cosiest, love filled engagement shoot by Anita Martin Photography to share with you all today.

Remember when I said this ice cream truck might just be the best engagement shoot prop ever? I was mistaken.

This glossy, cherry red vw camper van is, in fact, the best.

There's a whole sweet story behind why childhood sweethearts, Zak and Jessica chose to have their engagement shoot snuggled up in it. These outdoorsy, subtly camping themed photos taken in sunny Sausalito, California, will melt your hearts.

So beautiful.

It's amazing to think this loved up pair have known each other since they were four years old. Read on for the full story!

 From The Bride To Be…

Zak and I have known each other since KINDERGARTEN! We lived on the same road before we ever met. We have been friends our entire life, and even “play dated”…you know…in like 4th grade, 7th grade, etc. In high school, Zak use to tell his mom that he was going to the movies with me, and then would go and do other things. Hahaha. We decided to finally REALY date our Senior year of high school and have been together ever since (6 1/2 years later). In college Zak and I went to different schools. We have done 4 different long distances, one of them being 1,500 miles away for two whole years! He was playing football in Nebraska, and I was in Sacramento. I feel like it says a lot about a couple when they can overcome something as great as that. We had our challenging moments, but we have overcome it all.

In 2009, my dad hooked Zak up with an white, vw bus that had three blue stripes in the middle. We got it for $300 dollars and it didn't run and it was extremely junky. We spent the ENTIRE summer break at my parents house (Zak, my dad, and me) working on this bus to get it to run. I personally made new seat covers and did the entire design. lol. By the end of the summer, it finally ran and Zak towed it all the way back to Nebraska where it stayed for about a year. When it was time to move home and college was over, Zak and a friend DROVE it ALL the way home! It took them 3 whole days to make it back considering they went over the CO rockies and the Sierra. Needless to say, they officially blew the engine up and we didn't have a dime to our name. So, Zak had to sell it and get a real car. It was time to grow up, and it has been the biggest regret we have ever had! We sure miss that thing. Luckily, we do have photos with the bus still that Zak wanted to “share with our grandkids someday,” so that's nice.

Zak and I finally got engaged on July 4, 2013 at Disneyland (my favorite place ever). When it was time to decide what to do for our engagement shoot, we knew it had to be something meaningful. That's when we got the idea for a shoot with a vw bus. It is our dream to get our bus back, and one day we will have another one. We were able to find a great guy who had the prettiest red vw bus and was willing to let us use it for the shoot. He lives in San Francisco. I wanted it kind of “camping themed” because Zak and I are country kids who love the outdoors. 

Congratulations Jessica and Zak! Thanks for sharing your love story – wishing you all the best for your wedding plans.

Many thanks to Anita Martin Photography for these gorgeous photos too.