I'm such a happy bunny today, not just because it's a bank holiday {hello lie-in} but also because I have the opportunity to feature the fabulous Hepburn Collection on Bridal Musings!

Hepburn Collection has a special place in my heart because super talented hair stylist, Severin, with his magic hands & French flair worked alongside his partner, Roz, with her sweet emails and moment by moment beauty/hair schedule to create my dream wedding day hair. Think glamourous, vintage waves a' la Vivien Leigh…My hair never looked so perfect!

So with Royal Wedding fever upon us, who better to ask about Kate Middleton's wedding hair than a hair stylist who makes every bride he works with feel like a princess?

My question for Severin was:

If you could get hold of Kate's long luscious locks, what would you do?

I have been asked this question many times since the announcement of their engagement and the anticipation of Kate's bridal day look is a hot topic amongst wedding industry folk. Obviously there are many factors to consider when answering this question but if I were so lucky to get my hands on her fabulous hair I would choose two different looks.

Look 1:

For the ceremony and wedding day itself, I would opt for a hair do that didn't need too much attention and would stay perfectly in place. Kate will be the centre of huge media attention with millions of people capturing this beautiful lady on camera so her hair has to look perfect at all times. Whilst she traditionally wears her hair down, this could easily become too messy so I would style her hair in a soft bun which would suit her face shape, with very loose curls to create a look that is both elegant and romantic… and of course fit for a Princess! Kate is quite traditional in style and it's important that her bridal look reflects this too.

{Headpiece by Emmy}

How To Achieve This Look: This look is created by adding some mousse to the lengths of the hair and then blow drying to create a sleek base. The hair is set in heated rollers and left for about 10 minutes. Once set, the hair is scooped into a low pony tail, leaving a section of the hair at the sides and front. If there isn't enough length/volume in the hair we would use padding. The hair is shaped into a relaxed bun and fixed with grips, loosely fixing the sides into the bun and making sure the curls give a soft romantic look. The front section is loosely pulled back, allowing the curls to drop around the side of the face to create softness. Finally, holding spray is added and the style is finished with shine spray for super glossy hair. This would be a perfect style for a stunning regal tiara.

Look 2:

{Headpiece by Magpie Vintage}

For the evening celebrations which have been speculated as being a relaxed party for friends and family, I would style Kate's hair down with a touch of red-carpet glamour.

How To Achieve This Look: To create this look the hair is set in rollers to create big curls and then the fingers are run through the hand to break up the curls, creating loose, luscious curls. The hair is shaped into the desired look and sprayed with a little holding spray.

A Little Bit About Hepburn Collection: Founded by Parisian hair designer Severin Hubert and his partner Roz Edwards, Hepburn Collection offers bespoke wedding hair design and a unique bridal concierge service. Since its launch in 1996, Hepburn Collection has worked with some of the industryʼs most reputable brands providing the highest levels of service and style for high profile clients both in the UK and internationally.

For more information on Hepburn Collection, visit www.hepburncollection.com. {I can't recommend them highly enough!}

Thanks so much to Severin for sharing his expert opinion. I love the idea of Kate having her hair up for the ceremony and formal part of the wedding day then letting her hair down to party in the evening!

What wedding hair look do you think Kate will opt for?