Want to look as gorgeous as Megan Fox on your wedding day?

I'm guessing the answer was ‘yes',  ‘hell yes' or ‘Elizabeth, why would you ask such a silly question?'.

London based make up artist Tabby Casto is back on Bridal Musings (yay!) with a series of make up tutorials to help you achieve Hollywood/catwalk worthy looks for your big day.

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I went to town pinning my favourite ever bridal make up looks (evidence here) and Tabby worked her make up magic to give us her top product recommendations as well as detailed step by step tutorials.

The first tutorial of the series is inspired by this rather lovely look Megan Fox sported a few years back, originally created by celebrity make up artist Troy Jensen.

Megan Fox Make Up Tutorial


1. Nars Laguna Bronzer // 2. Barry M Natural Glow Palette // 3. Benefit Eye Bright // 4. Bobbie Brown Longwear Gel Liner // 5. Mac Spiked Brow Pencil // 6. Mac Subculture Lip Pencil // 7. Nars Belle Du Joure Lipstick

How To Get The Look

1. After cleansing, moisturising & prepping skin*, apply a good long-wear medium coverage satin finish foundation over the face. Use a medium coverage concealor on top of the foundation where redness shows and also under the eyes, then set everything with a lightweight translucent powder. To get the defined cheekbone that Megan wears you will need to contour – Nars Laguna Bronzer (1) is perfect for this! Avoid using a very large powder brush and opt for something that will hug the cheekbone a little more. I like Mac's 168 brush for definition under the cheek. This will sculpt the bone under your cheek to give an effect that slims the face and brings out the natural highlights in the cheek.

2. Apply a decent primer to the eyelid (I like Mac Paint Pot in Painterly) and then using Barry M's new Natural Glow Palette (2) apply one of the neutral colours to the eyelid with a flat applicator brush ( I like Mac 239 or Sigma's E55 Eye Shading Copper Brush) Apply the darker brown shade to the crease of the eye with the same brush. After patting the darker shade into the corner of the eye use a fluffy brush to blend the shade out (I like Mac 217 or Sigma's E25 Blender). Use the highlight shade from the palette on the inner corners of the eyes to brighten and apply a little of the darker shade on the lower bottom lash line as well.

Barry M Natural Glow Palette

Barry M Natural Glow Palette

3. If you look closely at Megan's eyes in this photo you will see an age old makeup trick! Her makeup artist has used a light beige tone pencil in the waterline. This creates a wide eye effect. But gone are the days where we have to use white which can look very harsh! Try Benefit's Eye Bright (3) which is the perfect tone to brighten up with out looking stark!

4. One of the main features of this look is Megan's beautiful doe eyes. You'll need to practice before the big day but if you want that defined sophisticated finish you'll need liquid or gel eye liner. There are so many decent shades on the market but I really like Bobbie Brown's Longwear Gel Liner (4) – it won't crease and will stay put for the special day. You'll need an angled brush to create this smooth application and I recommend breaking the liner down. Instead of trying to create one swoop of black try doing half of the lash line first from the outer corner of the eye to the middle. Then change the brush around so the point of it is facing your nose and draw in from the inner eye to the middle. For a softer look try brown liner instead of black.

5. After you've applied your favourite water proof mascara don't forget your eyebrows! It might not be the kind of thing you usually do day to day but in wedding photos everything takes a back seat and you'll need extra definition. Megan's hair is quite dark so I would recommend Mac Spiked Brow Pencil to recreate this effect. You'll also need a firm angled brush (Mac 208 is great) to blend the product into the brow hairs. Different hair colours will mean different brow pencils – I have a range in my kit but favourites include Illamasqua's Brow Powders, Mac's Wax Brow Pencils & Mac Omega & Mystery Eyeshadow. Whatever you choose to go for – wax, powder, pencil – you will need to use little pressure to get the shape you want. Apply in short wispy strokes in the direction of the hair growth. Megan's brows have probably been threaded and waxed before hand as well. Don't try to recreate a perfectly sculpted brow until you've visited the salon! Unruly hairs will not work with this look.

6. For the lips I would first use a decent nude lip pencil. I'd recommend Mac Subculture Lip Pencil (6) and rather than just draw around the lips actually fill the lips in with the pencil as well – this creates a good base/primer for your lipstick to stay on.

7. Finally use Nars Belle Du Joure Lipstick (7) on top of the lip pencil. This is a gorgeous browny pink nude which has a slight sheen. Megan's lips are not matte finish and thus I would recommend using a primer underneath the products as well as glossy lips do not stay on for long! Try Mac Prep & Prime Lip before hand to ensure longevity!

*After note – when given the chance, cleanse and prep your skin then work on eye makeup before doing your skin base and blushers/bronzers. You lean on your face when you do your foundation and if you do your eyes after your skin you will most likely get a little bit of fall out from the shadow. Save yourself the trouble and do your eyes first!

As always, I’d recommend brides have a trial with a professional make up artist before going it alone as they can help you discover what products will work best for your specific skin type and face shape. If you decide to go the DIY route just make sure you (or one of your bridesmaids/friends) have lots of practice runs before the big day!

Thanks so much to Tabby for sharing this tutorial with us today – I'm definitely giving this look a go! Anyone else?

Check out Tabby’s awesome make up artistry on her website and visit her blog, The Bridal Stories, where she shares bridal beauty inspiration and her top tips on wedding make up.

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