This insanely chic Paris engagement shoot captured exquisitely by fine art film photographer, Aneta Mak is the stuff of dreams.

(Well, my macaron – loving, SATC watching, Vogue reading, Paris obsessed dreams, at least.)

Stylish couple, Daniel and Celene, flew all the way from Singapore to frolic amidst the picturesque streets and ‘love lock' covered bridges of Paris.

They took trips to Ladurée, Cartier and the Eiffel Tower with Celene sporting not one but TWO show-stopping Vera Wang wedding dresses – in blush pink and scarlet red shades, no less!

Honestly, it doesn't get much lovelier than this.

Celene shares a little more about their Parisian adventure (and those incredible gowns!)

Daniel and I are doctors in Singapore, he is an opthalmology resident and I am an Obstetrics and Gynaecology resident. Daniel had won the prestigious McCartney Prize for the Part 1 FRCOphth examination this year. The Royal College of Opthalmologists invited him to attend the prize giving ceremony in London held in the Nuffield hall of the Royal College of Obstetrics and Gynaecology.

His parents gave us tickets to London & Paris as a gift and we decided to spend a day in Paris for our photo shoot since we were crossing oceans to get there. 

Beautiful in Blush Pink

I adore the ethereal and diaphanous feel of the Flora gown by Vera Wang. It is a delicate and beautiful mixture of tulle and organza with influences from Japanese Origami. 

Lady in Red

This gown is a beautiful gift from my mother. Daniel and I fell in love with the scarlet Katarina gown the moment we laid eyes on it – it's an explosion of tulle and chantilly lace dyed in deep scarlet. It is a work of art and truly the most beautiful gown I have ever seen. In fact, when we did the fitting in Sydney Vera Wang, they only had a white version of the Katarina to try on but we ordered the scarlet one for my evening gown. In Asian culture, red symbolizes good fortune & love.

I love it because it looks like the petals of a red rose and makes me think of the story by Oscar Wilde: The Nightingale and the Rose. 

Fun Under The Eiffel Tower

I enjoyed that my parents in law came along for support and helped us carry our huge balloons so that we could achieve that final balloon + Eiffel Tower ending shot! Daniel and I believe in family bonding and love so we really like involving our family members in all the important moments of our lives. 

The Photography

Aneta Mak is an extremely talented photographer with a beautiful heart. She is also very professional and dedicated to her work. Aneta planned our entire Paris shoot and went the extra mile to make us feel comfortable in a foreign land. 

We were so blessed to have her do our photoshoot and we were overwhelmed with happiness when we saw the beautiful photos. Looking at the photographs, we will remember the Parisian sunlight, the summer wine, the laughter and the love we shared.

Jaw droppingly beautiful, non?

Thank you for sharing your engagement shoot with us, Celene and Daniel – wishing you all the best for your wedding plans!

(Hands up who else is dying to see what Celene will wear?!)

And many thanks to Aneta Mak for sharing these photos – it's been such a pleasure to feature your romantic and timeless film photography.