Whether it's your Something Blue or your Secret Something, your wedding garter is a chic accessory, and a unique keepsake of your special day.

It can be pretty, it can be sexy, or in the case of these little beauties, it can be both.

Which is why we're more than a little excited to share a new homegrown UK company, that has just launched with an exquisite debut collection of hand-crafted garters.

The Wedding Garter Co. is an offshoot of fabulous vintage bridal accessory brand Britten. In keeping with its sister company's eye for detail and passion for quality, each garter is hand-stitched (bead by bead) in Britten's ancient workshop in Bath, using hand-cut lace, sumptuous silks, crystals, pearls and Swarovski opals.

The inaugural collection is delicate, dazzling, and decadent, so sit back, hitch up your skirt, and enjoy…

The Wedding Garter Company | Bridal Musings7

Now aren't they something special? And so elegantly styled and photographed for this shoot by Gooch & Gawler.

I particularly love the opal stones and the mauve hues – we'd have a hard time keep those lovelies under wraps!

And as if treating us to a sneak preview of their stunning collection wasn't enough, we are both excited and elated to announce that Sarah Jane Bates, the insanely talented designer behind The Wedding Garter Co. has created a very special, (very pretty) bespoke garter especially for Bridal Musings.

Each beautiful, limited edition garter is one of just 50 made, and would make a unique bridal heirloom for years to come.

The Wedding Garter Co. Bespoke Bridal Musings Garter.

Isn't it gorgeous? Thanks so much Sarah, we're truly honoured.

And of course, these pretty little things are too precious to toss, so for this weekend only, The Wedding Garter Co. are offering Bridal Musings readers a free toss garter with their order.

All you have to do is add a toss garter to your basket, along with your purchase and then enter the code bridalmusings to get it for free. Too easy, and too kind.

A boutique company with big style and bright ideas, and this is only the debut collection – we can't wait to see what's next.

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