Gold-dusted profiteroles and glitter-dipped cocktail stirrers.

Yes, you guessed it, our magpie bride and megastar stationer Gemma Milly is back. And this time, she's talking food and beverages.

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Gemma has been regaling us with her wedding planning journey over the last few months, there was the proposal (it's a sparkler!), the inspiration (lots of glitter), the dress (it's be-sequinned), the invitations (copper embossed) and the styling (all of the above).

Yes it's safe to say, our girl is fond of all things sparkling and shiny. But we figured that would stop with the food.

We were wrong.

But don't worry, along with the gold-dusted dessert table and G&Ts with a side of sparkle, Gemma and Tom have created a sustainably-sourced family style feast.

And remember the beer particles in the invitations? Well they're back. This couple sure don't do things by half…

Gemma's Musings: Real Bride Diary Entry #6: The Food

May 28th: 24 days until the big day…

No. of beers bottled: 80

What do you get when you take one food-obsessed fiancé, a minor (ok, well major) obsession with pulled pork (yes, Tom and I have happily queued for two hours in the cold outside Pitt Cue, and yes, it was worth it!) and the initials G&T?

A glittery, hickory-smoked gin-fest (or Gemma and Tom’s wedding).

It's fair to say, that like the stationery, the dress and the styling, the food and drink at our wedding is yet another detail that we are pouring our hearts and souls into.

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We didn't want to just settle for some half-hearted ‘Menu A' for our guests, instead it was important to us to create a really memorable experience for everyone and for them to feel like “Santa Claus had hand-fed them personally” – or something along those lines.

So, with a foodie fiancé who very handily works for and spends his weekends brewing the likes of gin and tonic-inspired beers with his other equally-beer obsessed friend, Jason, we were in good hands. When we first began thinking about food for our wedding, we were pretty clear on a few things: the ingredients had to be in season, locally-sourced and put together with as much love and care as possible.

And as if by magic, we stumbled upon the quite frankly awesome Bowtells Farm, a stone's throw from our wedding venue. As soon as we met Mary-Jane, Toby and Trudi we know we'd struck gold. They take a traditional approach to farming, and know every single one of their suppliers (and animals) personally, and I can tell you now that they care tremendously about what they do.

So my tip number one for anyone that cares about their food – how it tastes and where it’s come from…take your time to find a supplier than really understands what you're trying to achieve and goes about it in a sustainable way. Tick!

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Anyway, back to the food!

After throwing around some ideas involving picnics and hog roasts, we settled on a Pitt-Cue style pulled pork affair (a nod to Tom's American heritage), with home made pickles & apple sauces, crispy crackling from some of the farm’s residents, and salads including Southern-style slaw.

I mentioned that Tom works for, which has come in handy as one of his colleagues and good friends, Grace, just happens to be a pretty excellent chef, so she kindly offered to make duck rillettes for 110 and the marinade for our pork. It's not what you know….!

Everything will be served family style to really get our guests involved and chatting to each other. In fact, one of the things that was very important to us was making our nearest and dearest feel truly involved in our day, rather than just attendees at an event.

Which brings me neatly onto my favourite part of foodie proceedings…DESSERT!

But not just one dessert, oh no, we are having a whole bar of desserts! I can quite happily say that one of the best parts of receiving our RSVPs was reading what our clever friends and family are cooking up for the dessert bar.

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 Photo by RedMoose Photography via Kara's Party Ideas

Gold-dusted profiteroles…hell yeah!

Lime and Coconut cake, peanut butter brownies, heeaaven!

Although I fear the inner structure of my dress might have other ideas. But the piece de resistance undoubtedly has to be our wedding cake….which is being crafted by my Amazing Mum, who frankly, is the queen of cakes (sorry Mary…). And having her make our wedding cake really does mean so much to Tom and I.

We're having an elderflower sponge with fresh raspberries and elderflower cream, topped of with a most beeeautiful floral cake topper I ever did see, which my dear friend and florist, Sarah is kindly making for us (when she told me how early she is going to have to get up to get everything done in time on the day, I decided there any then that she is quite simply an angel).

Finally, there is the all important alcohol!

To say that Tom likes beer is an understatement, and to testify to this fact, here is the man himself and his trusty sidekick Jason, bottling 80 bottles of our very own wedding brew!

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Photo by Gemma Milly

I've tasted it and it is good!

Aside from the beer, my stylist Sundari and I are currently fashioning 150 gold glitter swizzle sticks for the G&T bar, which I'm sure will only serve to make the gin taste nicer.

A little bit sparkle never went amiss.

We are very lucky in that our barn is a blank canvas, which means we've been able to control every last detail ourselves and which really does make it all feel that much more personal.

And as far as the food is concerned, it's really satisfying knowing that every single aspect of our menu has been carefully thought about and will hopefully have people licking their plates afterwards!

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She really never disappoints, does she?

This bash is beginning to sound like the wedding to beat all weddings. I bet Kim and Kanye are quaking in their Choos – and I just cannot wait to see how it all comes together!

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