Whether you're destined for Aruba or Zanzibar, we've got you covered with our ultimate guide to the perfect post-wedding getaway…

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A is for… Air BnB

This gem of a website is not to be overlooked for your honeymoon. Stay in gorgeous apartments, park in the centre of cities, or take in the most stunning countryside views. With private holiday rentals in every corner of the world, for a fraction of the cost of a hotel – and the added bonus of living like a local – this is a must-check before you book your honeymoon accommodation.

B is for… Bucket List

Your honeymoon is perhaps likely to be one of the biggest, (and maybe even most expensive) holidays you ever take, so why not take it as an opportunity to tick a few things off your bucket list.  Whether it’s seeing the Eiffel Tower in Paris, or seeing wild elephants in the Serengeti, heck, even if it's simply driving on the other side of the road, marriage is supposed to be an adventure, so kick yours off with a bang.
A-Z of Honeymoons | Bridal Musings Wedding Blog

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C is for… Camera

Don’t forget to pack yours before you go… and don’t forget to use it when you get there! 

D is for… Desert Island

You, your other half, and nothing, but white sands, turquoise waters, and some cocktails to keep you company. 

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E is for… Elopement

If you don’t want the rigmarole of planning a big wedding before you go on honeymoon, why not skip the fuss and get married when you get there instead. Incredibly romantic, and utterly chic, you can always throw a party for the folks back home on your return. (With a sun tan!)

F is for… Food

Food glorious food. We’re all for burgers, fries, and our mum’s Bolognese, but when you’re travelling, try your best to test out the native cuisine. You might open your mind – and your stomach – to some wonderful new flavours. 


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G is for… Glamping

So this one might not be up everyone’s street, but if you are your beau want to get back to basics after your wedding, why not do it in style? From floating houses in the Cambodian forest, to yurts in the Welsh countryside, all the perks of a swanky hotel, while still getting to walk on the wild side. 

H is for… Hotels

Perhaps the most important part of any honeymoon is where you rest your head at night. Some like big, others like boutique, but whichever you choose, check out the reviews before you go, and make sure you pay it forward and leave some after you return. 

I is for… Insurance

Don’t step foot on a plane/train/automobile/canoe/car ferry without it. 

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J is for… Jump

Jump, fly, swing, dive, climb or surf; take advantage of your newlywed vigour by getting out of your comfort zone on your holiday. Go diving in Thailand, gliding in Brazil, bungee jumping in New Zealand, or surfing in Hawaii, you might find a hobby for life – or at the very least a good story for the grandkids. (Just make sure you've opted for I is for Insurance before you go, yeah?)

K is for… Keepsake

A piece of art, some local pottery, or a book; make sure you pick up a special memento of your honeymoon to keep in your home for years to come. 

L is for… Locals

Venture away from the tourist traps, go someplace where nobody speaks your language, ask a native for their recommendations, or spend a day doing as the locals do. When you only see a place through a tourist’s eyes, you don’t always get to see the real place at all. 

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M is for… Mini-moon

Whether it’s down to finances, home commitments, or the fact that your heart’s set on the Caribbean, but you’re getting married in hurricane season, your dream honeymoon sometimes has to wait. Catch a few days away together in the meantime, with a mini moon instead. 

N is for… Never-ending

Who says a honeymoon has to end? Friends of mine spent the year after their wedding backpacking around the world, and Bridal Musing’s own Elizabeth has spent the last couple of years making the world her workplace. It might take some financial juggling or work flexibility, but just know your honeymoon doesn’t necessarily have to be over in two weeks. 


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O is for… Outside-the-Box

Be adventurous and offbeat when you’re choosing where to go on your honeymoon. Uncover new resorts, visit untapped destinations and then try new things when you get there. Koh Rong is the new Koh Samui, the South of England is the new South of France; look beyond the guide books and you might just find some hidden treasures. 

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P is for… Packing

Sometimes laborious, sometimes exciting, almost always a bit stressful. If you’re heading off on your honeymoon very soon after your wedding, cut out some of the last minute chores, and pack your bags a week or two in advance. (And remember, even if you forget something, there’s very few places in the world where you won’t be able to pick up what you need.)

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Q is for… Queues

They’re the worst. Really. Whether it’s Dubai Airport or Disneyland, don't spend your honeymoon standing around, splash out and take some of the stress out of your trip by checking out some queue-skip services when you travel. 

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R is for… Road Trip

This is my (Claire, BM Ed) dream honeymoon. An open road, a loose plan, and nothing but adventures ahead of us. Australia, America, Europe, all you need is a reliable car, a killer playlist – and, hopefully, a driver’s licence. 

S is for… Stay-cation

We’re all for jet-setting, but a honeymoon doesn’t have to be far flung. Take advantage of your time together and spend it exploring some lesser known spots closer to home. 

T is for… Tech-free

Okay, we’re guilty of breaking this rule, but really it’s something we should all try. Have some days – at least one day! – of your honeymoon that’s entirely tech-free. Be in the moment, with no smart phones, no laptops, and, (gasp!) no sunset selfies. 

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U is for… Upgrades

Airport check-in, hotel reception, restaurant table, car hire, excursions; you’ll only be on honeymoon once in your life, so play up the newlywed card, and see if you can bag any VIP extras. 

V is for… Voluntourism

The clothes, the presents, the cake, sometimes after a wedding it’s hard to come down from the feeling that it’s all about you! Which is why giving back is a great idea for a honeymoon. Voluntourism is a hotly debated topic, but once you do so responsibly, it can be a rewarding start to married life. 

W is for… Wine Tasting

There's nothing more heavenly than a crisp Pinot Grigio, or a spicy Rioja of a evening, spent with the one you love. If you and your other half have an appreciation for the finer (read: alcoholic) things in life, then a journey to wine country might be your perfect post-wedding trip.

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X is for… X-rated

Well, not quite x-rated, but boudoir-related at least! When it comes to packing for your honeymoon, wow factor lingerie is a must. Treat your new spouse to something utterly sexy, and you might not see the outside of the hotel room for the duration of your trip.

Y is for… Yacht

Is there anything more romantic than chartering a vessel, and setting sail? Take to the seas off Cape Cod, venture around the islands off Croatia, or take a trip down the Cote d'Azur, if you really want to get away from it all, this is the way to do it.

Z is for… Zzzs

After months of wedding planning, weeks of excitement, the thrill of a wedding day, and maybe even some long haul flights, you deserve a well-earned rest. Yes it’s great to pack lots of adventures into your honeymoon, but make sure you pack in some Zzzs as well. 

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