So, we've swooned over their traditional Sudanese wedding, been on a pinning frenzy after seeing their amazing Miami wedding photos, now it's time to be blown away by their wedding film!

The Raleigh Hotel Miami Wedding | Studio 1208 | Bridal Musings Wedding Blog 50

These two wonderful friends of Zee and I (Elizabeth here, by the way) come from very different backgrounds, in fact, they come from completely different continents. But despite thousands of miles between them when they first met (in Miami) and years of long distance love (London – Philadelphia), it's clear that they were meant to be.

This is what happens when a Sudanese/Egyptian English boy weds an Italian-American Philly girl at one of the most iconic hotels in Miami!

See what I mean. Epic.

Did you well up a little? There was not a dry eye at their ceremony during Matt's heartfelt vows.

And, Nick of Studio 1208 did an incredible job of capturing the spirit of the day as well as the wildness of the night. Everybody had an absolute blast!

Here's what Gabby had to say about Studio 1208:

The music and vibe of Nick’s videos are so different and beautiful, telling such a wonderful story of the people, the place and emotions of the day.

We couldn't agree more.

Thanks so much to Matt and Gabby for sharing their weddings with us. It's been a privilege and a pleasure featuring them. It was also bloomin' hard work to try to whittle down all the gorgeous photos by Studio 1208! But totally worth it, wouldn't you agree?

Here's one of my favourites for the road…

The Raleigh Hotel Miami Wedding | Studio 1208 | Bridal Musings Wedding Blog 14

So damn cool.