If you're a regular visitor to our Film Gallery, you'll know that vintage super 8 wedding films are always among our favourites.

That grainy film, that signature flicker and that hazy hue; there's just something about these old timey films that harks to nostalgia and romance, and always echoes the feel of a very, very special day.

So when we saw Brett and Alessandra's beautiful Boulder, Colorado wedding film, we just knew we had to share it with you.

Not only is it an elegant, stylish and sweetly rustic wedding day, but it was also captured in dreamy super 8 style, by wedding cinematographers extraordinaire, The McKellars.


The stunning Colorado backdrop, chic, classic style, romantic glances, then dancing the night away under a canopy of string lights, this day is just beautiful from start to finish. Though I think my favourite moment is as they walk down the aisle, so timeless!

Okay, we'll hit pause on our gushing, and let the McKellars introduce this rather gorgeous film…

From The Filmmakers

What do you get when you combine a beautiful couple with a mountain backdrop and vintage Super 8 film? A wedding cinematographer's dream!

Filming Alessandra and Brett's classic-yet-rustic nuptials in Boulder was a delight, and we think you'll agree that their highlights is delightful.

Watch Alessandra & Brett's Dreamy Wedding Film

Alessandra & Brett in Super 8 | Boulder, Colorado from The McKellars on Vimeo.

Isn't it just beautiful? I always imagine that when people think back on their wedding day, years later, they see it all hazy and dreamy in their minds, like a flickering super 8 film. So romantic!

Thanks so much to the incredible McKellars, and of course the gorgeous Alessandra and Brett for sharing their dreamy wedding film with us.

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