I've really enjoyed finding out about all the Nigerian traditions, special cultural dress and ceremonial activities {as well as the personal and unique touches} of Funmi and Adrian's {of FO Photography} engagement ceremony. If you missed Part 1 check it out here.

Funmi continues her account of the day:

The Alagas (MCs, always female in the traditional weddings), continued with the rest of the ceremony all the while calling Adrian, “ANDRIAN!” as mistakenly spelt on the programmes.

The main activity of the ceremony involved me placing a cap on Adrian’s head to signify he is now my husband followed by him carrying me…yes, carrying me in his arms to show everyone he is my wife. At this point, Adrian just kept on holding me up and wouldn’t put me down for what a lasted like a minute! Another “aahhhhhhh” from the crowd and more angel points from the family as he proved to be a strong man that can and will protect their daughter.

After this, we asked the Alaga to announce that Adrian had changed his surname by deed poll from “Tan” to “Omotade-Tan” before our wedding! It’s the gift that keeps on giving, especially as he’s an only child. It’s so romantic and always makes me smile when I think of the absolute glee my mum shouted with on hearing this surprise news.
My mum instigated this “Halleluyah” in glee after hearing news of Adrian’s new surname.

I also got a chance to sing “nice, loving things” according to Alagas, to Adrian. At first, I was a bit shy since I have to express myself about my husband in front of all those elderly family members I had never even had as much as “boy” talk with. Awkward.
But I did it anyway…infact, I was deeply moved by my own feelings and surprised myself when I started crying. The guests were moved too. Needless to say, this was followed by an “awwwwww” and a loud cheer from the crowd. In no time as if they were anti-mushy moments, the Alagas broke in with their ka-ka-ka sounding voices and moved the ceremony to the next item on the list. Interesting!

The main ceremony finished with blessings and prayers from both families followed by an invitation to the guests to join us on the dance floor for a long session of dancing and gifting. In other words, come and dance with us and come with your cash in hand to “spray”! Rejoicing with the newly weds ain’t cheap where I come from. Trust Adrian to show his dancing skills that he mastered from watching and studying dancers in Yoruba movies. It was fight to faint to get the best dancer that day.

After about 5 hours or ceremonial this and customary that and the inevitable dance and spray session, the engagement sadly came to an end. Jeff & Samuel of Ovarl Photography led us out to the venue grounds to take more organised pictures with family members and close friends. We climbed in the cars and headed home after the last photo session…it all happened so fast yet was all so ceremonial. We were happy, full from eating yummy traditional meals, danced out and exhausted!

Photography: Jeff & Samuel of Ovarl Photography
Make up: Buki Mapaderun-Williams
Geles (headties) tied by Aderonke Fajimi of Elleleroske
Engagement ceremony co-ordination & fashion designs by Funmi’s sisters, Onikepo Omotade, Seun Omotade & Mum.

Wow! I bet they were exhausted after all that dancing!

Thank you so much to Funmi and Adrian for sharing your story, it's such an insightful read and what a beautiful, love filled, happy day you had!

Funmi and Adrian are talented photographers themselves, who run FO Photography {they do weddings too folks!} Check out their website to see their gorgeous photography.