We're pretty much in love with love here at Bridal Musings – well you'd kind of have to be with jobs like ours, right!

And while we're head over heels for all the style, details, and planning that goes into a wedding day, we're equally obsessed with the love stories behind the couples we feature too.

Which is why one of our very favourite wedding blogs is How He Asked.


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How He Asked was set up by the lovely Stacy Tasman – a fellow hopeless romantic who shares the most elaborate/simple/thoughtful/crazy proposal stories on her blog.

So we thought, who better to hit up for some seriously special ‘How We Met' stories?

Whether you're happily married and just love a good happily ever after, or if you're single and looking for ideas for how to find ‘The One' – these descriptions are guaranteed to give you a bad case of the warm and fuzzies.

Take it away Stacy…


Photo by Sarah Kathleen Photography via Bridal Musings

Love Stories

Aside from “when's the wedding?”, there are a two questions you'll always get asked after getting engaged.

How'd he ask? And how'd you meet?

That's why I started HowHeAsked.com – to celebrate and share all those incredibly unique and beautiful love stories, and today I'm sharing five really sweet “how we met” tales you'll seriously tear up over!

Make sure you add yours in the comments  (and submit your proposal on How He Asked too) – we're addicted to hearing!

Janelle & Bret

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Photo via How He Asked

My brothers and Dad were attending the Country Music Festival together in Nashville.

A guy came down to look for a seat and my dad yelled over to him that there was a spot by them! Next thing you know, they're all making small talk and make a plan to go out to lunch the next day.

When my family got back to Minnesota after their trip, they said “Janelle I think we met your future husband”.

One month later, I visited Nashville for the first time for an engagement shoot that I was photographing.

When I got there, I invited him to go out line dancing with us and the rest is history…

Anna & Adam

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Photo by Catchlight via How He Asked

One of my best friends and I were cast as extras in the Imagine Dragons’ music video for ‘On Top of the World‘.

We spent hours working on our best sixties outfits, and I ended up wearing this blue and brown plaid dress. I was feeling pretty excited and super confident.

At the studio, the producers handpicked people to stand in different places for the shot, and they happened to pick me for the front. As I stood up to walk over, Adam (as he says) spotted me.

My plaid dress and his plaid shirt were almost identical so he walked up to me said “Hey, we match, I think that means we are supposed to stand next to each other in the video.”

Kind of cheesy I know, but I fell for it.

Melissa & Garrett

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Photo by Gray Photography via How He Asked

Melissa and I met back in the summer of 2005 while on an Alaskan cruise vacation.

She was about to start her freshman year of high school and I, a year older, was entering my sophomore year. As an 8th grade graduation present, Melissa’s grandparents decided that they wanted to take her somewhere different, off the beaten path, and probably to a place where a 15 year old boy couldn’t meet and fall in love with their granddaughter.

Luckily for us, my parents had the same idea and decided on Alaska as the perfect place for our family to get away from it all.

Sometimes I sit back and think for a second about the astronomical odds we overcame just to meet. It had to be the same cruise ship, the same location, and the same week.

Not to mention, in order to have any shot at a serious relationship after the cruise was over, at such a young age, we had to live relatively close to one another.

It turns out we grew up just a mere 30 minute drive from each other and had never crossed paths until that week back in the summer of 2005.

Brittany & Derrick

Photo by Drew Brashler Photography via How He Asked

It was sophomore year of college. I walked into my English classroom and sat down, making sure that I avoided all awkward first-day-of-school conversations and encounters with all other students.

I succeeded in my efforts until some girl came skipping into the classroom, slamming down into the seat next to me. “Hi! I’m Brittany! We’re gonna be best friends!”

I was hardly convinced. I was content in keeping this girl at arms’ length and not letting her into my life, but she just kept coming around. I saw her in class, I saw her around campus, I saw her at church.

Brittany persisted in trying to pry me out of my shy and quiet shell. Each day she showed me kindness and friendship, even when I wasn’t looking for it. I opened up a little bit and began to take part in our friendship.

We were complete opposites: I was introverted, she was extroverted; I was reserved, she was rowdy; I was rough and she was gentle. But over time, I began to see just how amazing Brittany was and began to cherish our conversations and time together.

The rest as they say (no matter how cheesy it is), is history. That bouncy girl worked her way into my heart and will be there forevermore.

Adam & Amanda

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Photo by  Louisa Nickel Photography via How He Asked

Adam and I met at a bar where I worked as a waitress. He had been coming in regularly for a while before I got sick with mono and didn’t work for a month.

The night I came back to work, Adam asked where I’d been and I was taken by surprise because I didn’t recognize him as a regular. I didn’t remember that I had served him and his friend quite a bit before.

I carried over their beers and Adam stood up to take out his wallet and pay me. He wore a Death Cab for Cutie shirt, which was a favorite band of mine, and he was tall and handsome.

My stomach dropped and that moment started something for me that has never really changed.


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Oh my. Aren't they sweet! I just love listening to people recollecting ordinary days that turned into extraordinary beginnings.

As Stacy said, please do share your stories in the comments below, and if you've got a special proposal to share, send it her way.

Oh and don't forget to check out How He Asked, for awesome ideas for your own proposal!

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