We've all been there. Spotted a beautiful bouquet, centrepiece or floral installation (à la Kimye's wedding wall) on Pinterest, only to find out it would set you back a few months' salary to recreate.

Well, help is at hand. Our resident expert, acclaimed New York florist, Rachel of Rachel Cho Floral Design is back!

If you haven't read her previous posts (and you should!) Rachel has been sharing her pro tips for working with your wedding florist to make your big day look and feel incredible.

And today, she's talking about how to pack a whole lot of floral punch into your celebration, without busting your budget. Take it away Rachel…


Flowers by Beautiful Occasions, Photo by Ashley Ludaescher Photography via Bridal Musings

Today I’d like to talk about budgets.

Pretty much every couple has one, and whether extravagant or simple, that budget comes keenly into focus as the details of the wedding are hashed out.

I see couples asking themselves: Does our vision realistically fit our budget? What are we willing to cut? What can’t we live without? This can be a difficult, and sometimes frustrating, process. 


Flowers by Polites Florist, Photo by Danfredo Photos + Films via Bridal Musings

The good news is that when it comes to planning your wedding flowers, at least, there are many creative ways to help keep things cost-effective.

All it takes is flexibility and openness on the part of the couple; thinking outside the box gives you the opportunity to stay true to the spirit of your vision without overloading your budget.

And while there is good reason for the premium put on wedding flowers – think hours of crafting specialized floral “recipes,” hand-selecting blooms from the market, cleaning the flowers, designing the arrangements, and then of course, the set-up itself – that doesn’t mean that beautiful, cost-effective alternatives are out of the question.

So without further ado, I present to you some of my favorite budget-conscious tips!

Focus on Color and Texture

How To Stay In Budget with Your Wedding Flowers | Bridal Musings Wedding Blog 1

Bouquet by Rachel Cho Floral Design, Photo by Dreamlife Photography

This has always been my number one tip to brides looking to save money. Instead of focusing on specific flowers, I always guide brides toward thinking in terms of color and texture.

For example, if a budget-conscious Spring bride wants an all pink peony bouquet, I might suggest a bouquet made up of beautifully-opened pink rose varieties and lisianthus, with just a touch of peony to accent.

Roses and lisianthus have the same full, multi-petaled look as the peony, so the bouquet can still achieve a fluffy, feminine, luxurious feel.

However, since we’re leaving the flower choice flexible (and downsizing the scope of the peony used), we can also keep the bouquet at a lower price point.

Half & Half Look


Flowers by Les Fleurs, Photo by Zac Wolf Photography via Bridal Musings

I see so many couples wanting tall centerpieces these days. But the reality is that tall centerpieces are always going to yield a higher price point, and many of us don’t have luxurious budgets to work with.

A nice way to compromise is to do a beautiful “half and half” look – half the tables get tall centerpieces, half the tables get low centerpieces.

This is a great way to stay closer to budget while also getting to enjoy the elegance and sophistication a tall centerpiece provides. 


How To Stay In Budget with Your Wedding Flowers | Bridal Musings Wedding Blog 3

Flowers by Rachel Cho Floral Design, Photo by Sarah Tew Photography

Repurposing floral décor is an under-utilized but great option for couples. Many of the items used for the ceremony – such as chair bouquets, ceremony sprays, and candles – can be reused throughout the reception portion of the evening.

Chair bouquets can be paired up to create a beautiful centerpiece for each table. The floral sprays used during your ceremony can become the stunning arrangements that grace your bar areas.

Candles can be reused in so many ways – table décor, windows, bathrooms; anywhere that could use décor could use candles!

Candles, Petal & More

How To Stay In Budget with Your Wedding Flowers | Bridal Musings Wedding Blog 2

Flowers by Rachel Cho Floral Design, Photo by Sarah Tew Photography

This brings me to my final point, which is that a centerpiece is anything you imagine it to be.

From groupings of pillar candles to lush designs of petals, from flowers floating in water to an eclectic assortment of bud vases, there are so many simplified ways to fill out your table. Just ask your florist!

Ultimately, the most important part of your vision is the feel it conveys, not so much the exact renderings and details of every décor item.

If you are open to reimagining how to achieve that feel, then you will have found a happy marriage between your budget and your vision.


Flowers by Root 75Photo by Let's Frolic Together via Bridal Musings

Such great advice! I'm all about using decor to evoke a feel from your wedding, rather than simply recreating something you've seen elsewhere.

Thanks so much to Rachel for her advice once again (and congratulations on her new addition!) visit her website and follow her on Instagram for more inspiration and advice.

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