My very first priority when gifting this time of year, is picking out all the presents for my better half. My family isn't exactly big on the holidays, which means I give some extra attention to my love's special gifts.

My man's promised me he wouldn't look at my Bridal Musings gift list, but just in case he peeks I've included a few gifts perfect for his other half as well.

1. Gifts To Keep Warm

Red Mexican Falsa Blanket via Etsy // Mardin Linen Turkish Towel via Etsy // Antique Red Navajo Blanket via Etsy

Raise your hands if you're cold all the time. (Me!) I ask for blankets literally every year. The Mexican and Native American blankets I've been gifted seem to be the warmest, while the Turkish style are lightweight, soft and totally travel-able for chilly flights.

2. Gifts For The Crafty Chef

Popcorn Popper from Food 52 // Homemade Gin Kit from Food 52 // Drinking Snacks of Thailand by Andy Ricker // Vintage Dansk Cookware from left to right starting at top left: Dansk Blue Enamel Dutch Oven via Etsy // Dansk Turqouise Enamel Sauce Pan via Etsy // Dansk Red Paella Pan via Etsy // Dansk Red 3 Piece Set from Etsy // Dansk Kobenware Enamel Pot via Etsy // Dansk Yellow Paella Pan via Etsy

Whether you're the recipient and playing with your snazzy new kitchen tools, or they're for your honey and you reap the benefits from all of that fancy food, chef gifts are a big win for everyone involved.

Jack recently told me “we don't have enough popcorn in our lives” and while I protest that there is no room in our kitchen for a microwave, I wouldn't mind finding a spot for a chic, vintage inspired popcorn popper from Food 52. Food 52 has a number of cooking kits including a very simplified looking gin making kit. (Maybe practice for some homemade signature wedding cocktails?)

Dansk cookware is always in style and come in endless shapes and colors. Check out the many pages they fill on Etsy and start building a collection. Enamel cookware is basically nonstick and ever so pretty.

3. Moroccan Pillows and Textiles

Authentic Azilal Moroccan Rug via Etsy // Top Vintage Moroccan Pillow via Etsy // Second Row Left Vintage Moroccan Pillow via Etsy // Second Row Right Vintage Moroccan Pillow via Etsy // Third Row Vintage Moroccan Pillow via Etsy

Every time I come back from Morocco (like on this special elopement) I beat myself up for not bringing back more Moroccan rugs, pillows, poufs, tea sets for myself and and everyone around me.

Luckily Etsy exists and I've found quite a few must-have Moroccan pillows and rugs. How soft and luxurious does that white rug look?!

4. Gifts For Sports Fantatics & Gamers

Last year I picked out a vintage Mets starter jacket for my man on Etsy that had the word “Bobby” stitched into the front. It's so cool, super warm, and I want one! As this is the perfect gift for your guy or girl, I have to push this Seahawks starter jacket onto someone, if not myself.

Your gamer lover will appreciate a few funny, old-school games to take on the road when they don't have their game console at their fingertips. Did anyone else have this handheld football game? I seem to remember a 90's baseball version.

Etsy is full of retro, battery powered games so plan your road trip and get shopping.


5. Sentimental Art Gifts For Your Walls

Vintage London Map via Etsy // Vintage Fall Landscape Painting via Etsy  // Antique 1930s Manhattan Map via Etsy

Do you have a city you two fell in love in? A memorable vacation? Did you get engaged somewhere special? Etsy is filled with vintage and handprinted maps to commemorate all your special places. Have them framed or order pant hangers for a hip, modern look.

Similarly, why not gift a painting or piece of art from your special place? Search for paintings of landmarks and national parks, you may find a keep-this-forever gem.

6. Surprise Foodie Gifts To Enjoy Right Away

Oysters from Hama Hama Oysters, Washington

Instant gratification lovers (like myself) may prefer the kind of gift you can enjoy together right away. In the Pacific Northwest we order bushels of oysters for Christmas day. Not only will this be my first holiday home in seven years, but Jack's first holiday in the Northwest ever, so this will be a surprise gift for him.

Love the idea? If you're spoiled spending your holiday in the Northwest order from Hama Hama. In the New York City area try Fishers Island Oyster Farm. Many oyster farms will deliver fresh overnight, these two do throughout the US.

Maybe there's another surprise foodie gift special to your region? Old school raviolis in New York? Your family's favorite Champagne from France? We'd love to hear your foodie traditions!

7. Fun Subscription Gifts

Subscriptions – the gifts that keep on giving.

We all know about magazine subscriptions – which hey, are still super cool – but there are so many other options out there these days. Wine of the month clubs, curated boxes of beauty products, book subscriptions, and monthly vinyl delivery just to name a few.

I know my better half would be pretty excited about a subscription to Olympic Provisions' salamis.

8. Gifts For Self Pampering

Face and Body Products from Aesop

Last year, without any similar gifts prior, Jack and I coincidentally gave each other luxurious, boxed beauty sets.

After the holidays Jack said it was his favorite gift, since he would have never bought himself something so nice for his daily routine. I'm still hanging onto the last bits of my Aesop masks and cleansers, hoping there will be a surprise refill at the end of the holiday season.


9. Memorable Travel Gifts

Photo by Claire Eliza via Bridal Musings

Truthfully, my favorite gift to give my love is surprising him with booked adventures. I surprised him with our trip to Greece this Fall thanks to a incredible flight deal I found one Spring afternoon. For the wrappable gift I wrote him a card a couple months before spilling the beans and slipped it into “The Odyssey by Homer”. He teared up, I'd do it again and again.

Whether it's a weekend away in a rustic Airbnb or full-fledge vacation, the gift of travel can be life changing, and so memorable.

10. Photo Albums and Prints

Photos via Artifact Uprising

For your sentimental loves, make use of those engagement photos, wedding photos, travel photos, any photos! As a photographer, I can't say enough how different it feels to have a real print in your hand or on the wall. Create your own books or prints on sites like Artifact Uprising or contact your photographer to see what products they can design and print for you.

We'll have plenty more gift guides coming to you this season, but for more gift inspiration now check out our gift guides from the archives.