An intoxicating woody aroma wafted over as I was perusing the Chanel make up counter at Heathrow airport.

One of the perfume ladies handed me a blush pink card adorned with the words ELIE  SAAB  ~ the scent was emanating from the card. {No spritzing on a little white card cut-off for this classy perfume!} I pondered aloud ‘Elie Saab…isn't that the Lebanese designer who makes those incredibly detailed, glistening and glamourous dresses?' I then proceeded to make a bit of a fashion faux paux and referred to Elie as a ‘her', the perfume lady smirked and corrected me. Elie Saab is a male designer. Oops!

Well, my flight was called and off I went on a blissful week long holiday to Malta but I couldn't stop thinking about that scent….

On my way home last night, I had the pleasure of experiencing ‘Elie Saab, Le Parfum‘ all over again and I can honestly say I haven't been this excited about a perfume in years! If you like woody, honeyed, slightly Oriental, feminine perfumes this is for you. {It reminds me of one my all time favourite perfumes, Narciso Rodriguez ‘For Her'.}

Here's the blurb: Orange blossom, jasmine absolute and cedar woody notes unveil an elegant, enveloping trail like the train of a haute couture dress. Or…the train of a bridal gown.

I think it would make a perfect wedding day scent. It really does make you think of soft billowy fabric like the fabulous ad campaign above and it's so beautifully feminine, in a grown up, womanly way. It's not sweet, fruity and sickly or on a floral overload like so many so called ‘feminine' perfumes. There's a range of products, perfect for layering the fragrance to make it last longer.

{Images via The Perfume Shop}

I am a huge fan of Elie Saab's stunning gowns ~ he has created beautiful collections of satin, lace and tulle wedding dresses for Provonias:

{‘Laertes' from the 2012 Collection by Elie Saab for Pronovias}

But it is his shimmering, sparkling, floaty and feminine haute couture collections that I adore. They make chic and unique, non white wedding dresses.

{Spring 2011 Haute Couture Runway by Ellie Saab}

Elie Saab may not be a woman but he sure knows how to dress women exquisitely from our clothes to our perfume!