So as you know I'm a BIG fan of wedding films ~ the more chic, unique, creative and beautifully edited the better. Evidence here and here.

Just thought I ought to explain why I think that professional wedding videography is such a wonderful addition to a wedding ~ if not an essential. So I've put together a few reasons {in no particular order}

Reason #1 Uncle Charlie…

There's no escaping it, quality videography by a professional will take a chunk out of your wedding budget but I'd argue that it's worth every penny. Yes, there have been weddings recorded on iphones and even innovative DIY videography options BUT in the wrong hands, trying to cut corners and save money, your wedding video could look a little something like this…

Uncle Charlie is the perfect example of why professional wedding videography is so important!

{And why 80′s wedding style should NEVER make a comeback!}

Apologies for the awful quality ~ I thought it was worth sharing for the giggle factor.

I'd really love to hear your thoughts on wedding videography.

Is professional wedding videography a priority, an added extra or simply not part of your wedding plans/budget?