Last week I started a series of posts that I feel very passionately about on the importance of wedding films. And it was so great to hear your responses!

Some of your agreed with me on the importance of wedding videography while others felt that wedding films were too expensive/cheesy/long and we even had a few videographers share their thoughts too.

So here's another reason why I think hiring a professional videographer and having a wedding film is so important…

Heart Felt Words

Even the most exquisite wedding photos can't capture those heartfelt words spoken by friends and family as well as those words shared between you and your partner at the altar.

Handwritten/printed speeches and vows can be framed or included in your photo albums and skilled photographers can capture the reactions to speeches and meaningful words incredibly…

BUT to actually hear the words ~ the inflection, the tone and even the pauses, to see into the eyes of the person as they speak them and those who are hearing them, that's something that can only be captured on film.*

Here is a perfect example of a wedding trailer in which the videographer captured those moving moments and heartfelt words so beautifully. Thanks so much to Cherry Tree Films for sharing Lydia and Neil's captivating wedding trailer:

Lydia & Neil – Trailer from Cherry Tree Films on Vimeo.

Such wonderful words…and, on a side note, how amazing is Lydia's dress?!

I'd love to hear your thoughts. Is it necessary to capture heartfelt words on film or are photos sufficient at evoking the memories of those words?

* It's worth bearing in mind that not all wedding films include snippets of sound, such as vintage 8mm films. However, these films are incredibly evocative too!

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