Good morning,

I'm back from sunny San Francisco and, after a week of apartment hunting, Zee and I might just have found our next home ~ hurrah! So it's back to wedding blogging as usual ~ double hurrah! Which means posts twice a day with added extras in the Film Club and Gallery so don't forget to check out those tabs at the top.

Lets start the week off in style with a wedding full of whimsy and coolness in equal measure as well as photography by the seriously talented James Moes. Bethany and Derrick's wedding is quirky, fun, relaxed and super stylish.

Derrick and his groomsmen are perfectly mismatched in their eclectic trousers, blazers and waistcoats, the bridesmaids are also mismatched in sweet, summer dresses in neutral tones of grey and beige. The florals are wild, white and wonderfully woodsy while Bethany's hair is the stuff of dreams (and a whole lot of hairspray). She looks so naturally beautiful. A peacock feather hair slide, stud earrings and delicate nose stud are her only accessories, as well as a spattering of pretty freckles across her shoulders…

Many thanks to James Moes for sharing his stunning photography of Bethany and Derrick's wedding.