Microwedding babes (babettes, baberinos, whatever your identity!) Are you ready to plan your dream intimate wedding?!

What is a microwedding, you ask? Generally speaking, a microwedding is a small wedding with 20 guests or less. And given how many have chosen or been forced to downsize their guestlists in 2020 due to COVID-19, we imagine many of you fall into this category.

As a former small wedding bride myself, I know a bit about planning tiny celebrations. And while yes, intimate weddings are as special & fulfilling as you can imagine (I loved getting to spend so much time with my BFFs & husband) there are some parts of planning a small wedding that may surprise you…

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Even with a short guest list, wedding planning checklists don't go out the window. There are still a lot of planning aspects you should consider to help your day be as relaxing & joyous as you'd hope. Even with a small celebration, it's better to have plans, a few vendors to help & even the loosest timeline to ensure you're not “working” on your wedding day.

With help from our friends at Be Inspired PR and their pool of talented wedding industry experts, we've come up with a list of things you might need for your microwedding from masks to seating to photographers to a ‘flexible mindset'.

Now at Bridal Musings, we believe that all weddings are entirely unique – if something just isn't important to you, skip it! We just want to give you an optional checklist of things you may not realize would help your day feel oh-so-special.

1. Face masks for you, your fiance, your bridal party & your guests.

“No matter the current mask-wearing rules in your local area, we can't help but suggest ordering masks for everyone involved in your wedding day plans. Our team has rounded up our favorite 30 wedding-ready masks (so many luxuriously embellished bridal masks to choose from!).

And while your guests may likely bring their own, we think providing cute masks to all of your guests as a wedding favor is a wonderful gesture showing guests both generosity and a compassionate “we care about your safety!” Shop our curated list of masks for brides, grooms, bridal parties & wedding guests.” Claire Eliza, Managing Editor of Bridal Musings

2. A plan to live stream your wedding.

“Perhaps your original wedding plan was much larger? If you still want to include those previously invited guests or those who can't currently travel, consider live streaming your wedding.

There are so many simple ways to go about it from DIY set-ups to companies with all the bells & whistles that take care of most of the planning. LoveStream is a personal favorite at Bridal Musings! Browse our list of best live streaming platforms to learn how to share your wedding day virtually.” Claire Eliza, Managing Editor of Bridal Musings

3. A plan for your dress post-wedding.

“While a bride may think her dress won’t be put through as much stress during her microwedding as it would during the course of a day at a normal sized wedding, we’re finding the same level, if not more, staining this year regardless of the size of the wedding. Because of safety concerns and social distancing mandates, many couples are opting to have both their wedding ceremony and reception outside which introduces many more organic stains such as soil, grass, and pollen to the hem of her dress.

In addition, it’s now common that dresses are being worn on more than one occasion this year, which means double the exposure to potential sweat, dirt, and oils, just to name a few. Make sure you have a plan in place to get your dress cleaned immediately after to avoid potential yellowing or staining!” Leah McCoy, President, Wedding Gown Preservation Kit

4. Jewelry that stands out but is still within budget.

“Oh, the familiar struggle of trying to find refined modern yet timeless accessories for your wedding (or weddings plural) that are within your budget. With the heightened costs that many couples are facing this year and next, splurging on bridal accessories that you will only wear once just doesn’t seem realistic. Opt for wedding jewelry that you will wear time and time again, even after the wedding celebrations are long over.” – Baovi Dang, Founder, Jade Ơi Bridal Studio

5. Intentional and functional décor.

“Smaller, more intimate weddings allow you to focus more on being intentional with your decor and design details. If you’re having more than one wedding, incorporate items that you can use for both. Think a custom neon sign that can initially be used in your photobooth or reception, then taken home and placed in an office or bedroom as a forever memory of your special day.” – Lisa Bowser, Founder, Brite Lite

6. Seating for guests.

“Seating! Having a microwedding doesn't mean that you can allow your guests to sit where they want. Be sure you plan out your floor plan and seating chart so that guests know where to sit. You may not need escort cards or a seating chart, but place cards at each guest's assigned seat will make it much easier for everyone to locate their seat and feel comfortable with who you have assigned them to sit with.” – Jamie Bohlin, Owner of Cape Cod Celebrations

7. Lush floral pieces.

“Microweddings are an opportunity to create an unforgettable guest experience for those you love the most. There is no longer a need to sacrifice beauty in the details.

Today our couples are excited to have much lusher and larger florals for their special day. The unexpected gift of a smaller guest count means fewer table centerpieces, fewer invitations, fewer meals, which add up to a unique opportunity. Seeing luxury florals that are no longer beyond the budget, brides and their guests experience moments that stop time. With a large, traditional guest count, many corners may need to be cut. Not so in a microwedding – now your wildest dreams can come true!” – Karese, Detailed Floral Design

8. A flexible mindset.

“My advice to couples planning a microwedding is to stay flexible but don't lose sight of the details! It's best to be both easygoing and steadfast. It's rare during these uncertain times for plan A to be pulled off perfectly. Allow for some things to not go exactly as planned.

For example, you might have your heart set on a particular vendor who, as a result of the pandemic, might need to limit their services. If you remain flexible and open-minded, you'll have a more relaxed attitude as you approach wedding day.” – Brooke Avishay of Orange Blossom Special Events

9. Keep the traditions (that you like).

“The setting, color palette, and personalized touches are just a few of the unique details that make your special day authentic and completely yours. Even with a smaller scale wedding, couples can still incorporate all the traditions and pretty details they had their heart set on!

Keep your focus on what’s most important. For example, if table settings are key in making your micro-wedding a success, focus on florals, menu cards, place cards, and linens or if you always had your heart set on a statement-making piece, then focus your attention on an eye-catching seating chart or backdrop for photos or even dessert. The sky truly is the limit. Just stay true to yourselves as a couple and your wedding day will shine.” – Meghan Shaughnessy, Lace and Belle

10. The music.

“Don’t forego the live band just because you are having an intimate wedding! Opt for something small such as a guitar duo that can provide music for your entire wedding and make sure they can do vocals too!” – Erin Sprinkel, Co-Owner of Sterling Social

11. A suit or tuxedo for the groom.

“Your wedding day attire can still include the gown of your dreams and a stylish suit or tuxedo. With online options for both, going smaller doesn’t mean you have to skimp on wedding day style. The team at Generation Tux will help you plan all of your men's formalwear virtually, and we’ll make sure you look amazing on your wedding day.” – Matt Ramirez, Senior VP of Marketing at Generation Tux

12. A photographer and videographer.

“This is your special day, and memories are great, but a good photographer and videographer will capture those special moments in ways you can’t image, and you’ll always see how great you looked.”- Matt Ramirez, Senior VP of Marketing at Generation Tux

Photo by Kimberly Kay Photography | Planning by Bridal Bliss

13. A select guest list.

“Smaller weddings tend to be more personal and emotional. There are no politics that go into making the guest list and it's truly the couple's nearest and dearest. Give your guests an elevated experience from the beginning, before they even arrive, to set the tone. If they are travelling in for the festivities, prepare an over-the-top welcome basket to greet them upon arrival. Or, plan to have champagne delivered to each guest's home while they are getting ready. Talk about a fun surprise!” – Nora Sheils, Founder Bridal Bliss

14. Personalized wedding favors.

“What a great opportunity to take advantage of personalization at a fraction of the cost and time because you have less guests! Add a personalized note on the escort card or menu card with the name of your guest ‘Covesa, we are so glad you traveled from Ohio to be here.’ Order face masks with the couple's new last name and date!” – Covesa Kelly, Covesa Kelly Events

15. Wedding stationery.

“Since invitations are the first glimpse of the wedding your guests will see, you can splurge on something you have always dreamed of – thick luxurious papers, raised ink and gilded edges or custom menus for your guests during dinner personalized with their names, ceremony programs where you can include special thank you’s and traditions. A custom designed monogram can intertwine not only your names, but special places, features or even beloved pets.

You can get creative and have fun with your wedding signage, too. Have a seating chart with your guests’ photos instead of names, or instead of place cards hand out your guests’ favorite candy. Unusual materials such as wood or leucite can be pricey, but with smaller weddings such luxurious pieces would be needed in smaller amounts providing you with the freedom to create something truly special. Even though your wedding may be small, these personal touches will be treasured and remembered by you and your guests for years to come.” – Lilia Shatnaya, Owner and Designer, Plume and Stone

16. A detailed timeline.

“Don't forget to have a solid thought out timeline. Even though there are less people, you still want the day to run smoothly and flow well. So, sit down with your wedding planner and think through the timeline so that it makes the most sense.” – Kari Dirksen, CEO + Leader Planner, Feathered Arrow Events

17. Bridal gloves.

“Hey, fashion trendsetters: with all these efforts to be clean AND fabulous during COVID-19, why not take advantage of this opportunity to bring back the bridal glove trend? Protect yourself (and others) with these fashionable vintage & modern bridal gloves shoppable online.” Claire Eliza, Managing Editor of Bridal Musings

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