Happy Engagement Season? Did your special someone pop the question over Turkey (or Tofurkey) Dinner last night?

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But first things first, there are a lot of unexpected stresses when you get engaged, and often one of the first is “Oh shit, my ring doesn't fit”. In fact, 80% of brides (we'd love to know the number of engaged grooms, too!) have to get their rings resized, so it's really not that surprising if you're ring is feeling a little loosey-goosey.

My own engagement ring was made for me by my then-fiance as a size 5.5, turns out my ring finger is only a 3.75! Needless to say, we had a few resizings done.

Before you start dress shopping, venue searching or invite crafting it's extremely important to take care of making sure your ring fits. No one deserves the heartbreak of a too-big-engagement-ring slipping off into the sand on the beach. Our friends at Be Inspired PR consulted their jewelry experts on what to do if your ring is too big or too small and what to expect when resizing.

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If your ring is too big, consider a ring guard for the time being

“If you notice your ring is feeling a bit loose and your jeweler isn’t available, get a rubber ring size adjuster! This not a long-term fix, but play it safe and order a rubber ring size adjuster for the time being. Stay away from metal ring sizers as they can damage your band.” – Finer Custom Jewelry

If your ring is still too big and you decide to resize, here’s how it’ll be done

“To make your ring smaller, a jeweler will heat up and cut a small portion of the band and attach the pieces back together. Afterward, a jeweler will flawlessly polish and clean the band. It’s important to note; you may choose to keep the piece of metal if you need to size up your ring in the future.” – Finer Custom Jewelry

“Sizing Beads aka “BBs” is also a method that can be used to make your ring ‘smaller.’ The jeweler solders two small gold/platinum beads on the inside of the shank towards the bottom. This option is used for issues with the ring going over the knuckle. It is first enlarged via traditional sizing and the “BBs” are then added for security once it is in place. This method is also used for top heavy rings that may spin or rings that are the correct size, but may move side-to-side given the top weight.” – Michelle Shetler, Founder, Shetler Fine Jewelers

“Similarly, Horseshoe or Stirrup resizing where the jeweler solders a solid gold/plat bar inside the base of the shank. This option is best for making rings with a continuous design, such as eternity bands, smaller in size as it does not impact the integrity of the ring design” – Michelle Shetler, Founder, Shetler Fine Jewelers

Rings by Shetler Fine Jewelers

Your options if your ring is too small

“A jeweler can easily stretch gold & platinum bands, but this method is usually not recommended by jewelers because it can weaken the band’s integrity. This method involves a stretching machine and a polishing wheel. A plain solitaire band is the easiest band to stretch. However, for a ring with diamonds on the band, a jeweler will have to cut and add a piece of metal to match the original metal used.” – Finer Custom Jewelry

How do you know if your ring needs resizing, and who should do it?

“Your engagement ring should fit comfortably around the base of your finger without leaving indentations; this could mean your ring is too tight. Everyone’s hands are different, and figuring what is most comfortable on your finger depends on the person. If you find your ring is becoming loose around your finger, it might be beneficial to head to your jeweler to see if it’s time to size down your ring. If your ring is feeling a bit too tight, a jeweler can determine which method will work best to size up.” – Finer Custom Jewelry

“Everyone feels differently about how they’d like their rings to fit. Some prefer a loose fit while others like them a bit more snug. Unless your engagement ring is so loose that it is falling off, we recommend wearing it for a couple of weeks before deciding to move forward with resizing. Additionally, it is typically a bit foreign to wear a ring on this finger, so take some time to get used to it and don’t feel pressured to immediately decide how to size it. Wait and see how it feels when your fingers are thin versus when they swell. How does it feel during your day-to-day activity?” – Michelle Shetler, Founder, Shetler Fine Jewelers

“You want the ring to go over the knuckle without too much effort when putting it on. When removing the ring, there should be a little snugness coming back over the knuckle, but nothing that will actually hurt you. And remember that seasonality (temperature and humidity), as well as, your activity level can have a significant effect on your finger size and thus your ring fit. Take a little time before making the resizing leap!” – Michelle Shetler, Founder, Shetler Fine Jewelers

Ring by Finer Custom Jewelry

What to expect cost-wise

“There is no universal cost of a resize. The price will depend on whether you are sizing up or down, how much metal needs to be added or removed, and whether or not your band features diamonds or gemstones. Sizing can cost anywhere from thirty dollars to hundreds of dollars for a more complex resizing. However, a band featuring diamonds can be the trickiest and most expensive to resize. It may be necessary to add, remove or rearrange a diamond band’s setting to resize it properly.” – Finer Custom Jewelry

Once your ring fits properly, here's how to take care of that sparkling engagement ring. Still engagement ring shopping? Here are the 20 best places to buy your engagement & wedding ring online.

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