Thanks to Covid-19, we all know about wedding live streaming by now, right? Practically the only virtual event that won't induce Zoom fatigue, more couples are live streaming their weddings & proposal than ever before.

Virtual Wedding Invitation by Marigold & Oak

But, this wedding tip doesn't just apply to Covid couples downsizing their guest lists. Setting up a wedding live stream might be the perfect way to tell your parents (or whomever) that your extended family & friends-of-friends can watch from home.

Reduce your guest list, your wedding costs and your wedding-planning-induced broken spirit. Thanks to wedding live streaming, you don't have to invite your parents' neighbor's cousin anymore.

Here's the scenario…

Your family gives you the classic “must invite” guest list. It includes extended family, friends-of-friends, coworkers and people you've never heard of in your life. In the olden days, many couples felt obligated & guilted into including guests they wouldn't necessarily choose to invite on their own. Not only is this frustrating, but it's expensive! Every guest adds up in rental costs, catering & bar costs and venue surcharges.

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Now, you can tell your family you have a great alternative for these guests to watch & take part in your wedding day from home: wedding live streaming! First, tell your family you'll be making the in-person guest list yourselves. After that, their chosen guests will be included on the “exclusive live stream”. And fret not, we have a whole guide on how to tell your family wedding plans that they don't want to hear.

How to live stream your wedding…

After the last year and a half, we're experts on wedding live streaming. We've already compiled a list of the best platforms, services & vendors to use (our favorite full-service company is LoveStream), the equipment you'll need, top tips and more. Browse through our guides below for all the best wedding live streaming advice.

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How to still make it special for your live stream guests…

Maybe your family is resistant, or you feel a little weird about the idea. There are ways to still make the wedding-day experience special for live streaming guests! Here are 10 ways to include your wedding guests from afar. Additionally, I've fleshed out a few favorite ideas…

Virtual Wedding Invitation by Marigold & Oak

Mail them their own, special invites. Your in-person invite, with location & itinerary, may be inappropriate for at-home guests. Have your stationer create or DIY your own special wedding invites for your live streaming guests that still give all the pomp and circumstance as your gorgeous wedding stationery. This will make the event feel special, and less like a Zoom conference call. You can include your live streaming link & all the information and still make them feel involved.

Send pre-wedding favors. Included in our post above, we think party gifts & boxes are a great way to help at-home guests feel involved in your wedding day. Ideas include custom hankies for the inevitable happy tears. Ship flowers that match your own bouquet. Mail champagne & party poppers for the recession & toast. Or, you can send cupcakes or mini desserts from your wedding caterer.

Say hello on camera! Before the wedding live stream ends, or whenever you deem appropriate, take a moment to say hi directly to your virtual wedding guests. This will make the entire experience feel more interactive for guests at home and still is quicker than that long receiving line!

Convinced a virtual wedding is right for you? Be sure to bookmark our Ultimate Virtual Wedding Guide & take a look at our favorite wedding live streaming platforms.