Hello lovelies,

I hope your enjoying your Tuesday so far. Did you see my Top 5 Cringeworthy Wedding Moments? I want to hear yours too!

This afternoon, get ready for some unique, urban wedding inspiration from Claire Graham Photography. It's so refreshing to see the urban landscape of the river  Thames in London being used as a backdrop for an inspiration shoot. After all, not all couples are outdoorsy types who like to frolic in the woods!

My inspiration for the shoot was to capture the splendors of urban London in the Autumn, to emphasise how the beautiful textures and colours can be portrayed to offer exciting and inspirational pictures. Weddings are perceived to be benchmarked as a high Summer occasion, I tried to show in the pictures, how the rustic appeal of early autumn, can be as appealing and romantic as any sunny summer occasion.

Many thanks to Claire and the fantastic team who created this gorgeous shoot.

I heart London, even on grey Autumn days…

Would you consider an urban city rock the dress/day after shoot?