Do you roll out of bed with perfectly tousled, voluminous locks like these?

big hair tutorials

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If so…

a) you're one lucky lucky

b) I can't help but hate you a teeny tiny bit

c) these tutorials are not for you

If, however, like me, you drag yourself out of bed in the morning, run a brush through your hair and it is as flat as pancake that's been rolled over by one of those big rolly cement flattening thingys, then these tutorials are for you!


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I have long, straight, thin hair and all I've ever wanted was hair with thick, lustrous body and curls.

I think it was Blake Lively (aka Serena) who started my obsession with big hair…look at that body!*

blake lively big hair

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*That song is going to be in your head for the rest of the weekend now. Sorry.

Then there's Adele who always has the most gorgeous big hair (and retro make up!)

adele touseled hair with volume

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Also, I found an unlikely hair icon in Kate Middleton, who's hair is always full of body and shine.


 via Beauty Editor Canada

When it comes to hair it would seem that ‘we always want what we haven't got'. In fact, back in the day, I had many a wavy haired friend say that they hated me a teeny tiny bit for my poker straight hair while they had to struggle with straightening irons.

But those days are long gone. Big hair is back.

And brides are embracing it too ~ hurrah! 

bride with hair down

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But how do you achieve body in your hair?

Below are two absolutely fantastic tutorials from John Frieda on how to up the volume. They demonstrate a special blow drying technique and exactly how to use velcro rollers (something I've always struggled with).

What I love about these tutorials is that they use ‘real women' as opposed to super models and it's not just some expert doing it all for them. They are having a go too and asking questions.

It makes such a refreshing change!

Volume Toolkit & Basic Tips:

~ use mouse and / or apply thickening blow dry lotion

~ tip your head upside as you blow dry

~ use a vented brush to add body, bristle brush to smooth

~ use velcro / heated rollers

Body Blow Dry

Using Velcro Rollers

All the products from these tutorials are by John Frieda ~ see more fab tutorials on the John Frieda You Tube channel.

I will be trying out these tutorials for sure (maybe even tonight!) what about you?

Got any more tips on how to add volume? Will you be wearing your hair down for your wedding?

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