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Today I'm thrilled to welcome talented, London based make up artist, Tabby Casto, to share a few of her bridal beauty dos and don'ts as part of a 3 part bridal beauty series.

I love that Tabby is an advocate of ‘throwing out the rule book' and experimenting with new looks before your wedding day but she also has a few essential dos and dont's for bridal beauty.

So listen up ladies!

Don't be afraid to try new looks

The first thing I would say about your wedding makeup is don't be afraid to try a few looks before you've decided on what you'd like to do and be sure to leave enough time to do this. 

Natalie Spencer via Bridal Musings ~ see the full winter wedding shoot

Do have a make up trial before the big day

Have a few trials with a makeup artist or a makeup counter. Most freelance makeup artists will offer a bridal trial separate to the actual wedding day. It's not a con to take your money! The trial is so important. Both for the makeup artist and for you.

Having the chance to try different looks means that on the day you are going to be feeling confident and happy in the knowledge that the look you are wearing is right for you and is going to last!

Alternatively MAC do a service where you pay £50 ($78) to have a bridal lesson but the money is redeemed against products at the end. The artist does one side of your face, step by step with you doing the other. This way you really see how to use the brushes and makeup. It's definitely worth having a play with different looks and then wearing them for the whole day. 

Tabby Casto bridal make up

Make up by Tabby Casto photo by The Big Day Wedding Photography

Do have your trial in the morning  so you can see how your make up lasts

Have an appointment in the morning so you can really see how the products wear through out the day. The make up might look perfect when you first have it applied, but see how it wears after lunch!

Do take a photo 

Take a photo in natural daylight with a digital camera (not a camera phone) as soon as you have had a makeup trial. The makeup needs to look good on camera as well as face to face. The camera doesn't lie! It also doesn't help to get a close friend's opinion. Or a sister's. They never lie either!

Make up by Tabby Casto photo by The Big Day Wedding Photography

Do ‘Be You' 

Lastly I would just advise that the makeup you choose suits you. As in your personality, your confidence, what you like. Never wear eye makeup or false lashes? Perhaps try it to see what you like but don't be afraid to ask for a very “natural” makeup.

You are going to look back on those photos for years and years to come. There is already immense pressure on us to look fabulous on the big day! The last thing you want is to be wearing makeup that just doesn't “feel right”.


Renaissance Studios Photography via The Bride's Cafe

Such good advice, I can't agree more about the importance of a trial. It's a great opportunity to try different looks out and it'll help you to discover what you like and what you definitely don't like. That feeling of not looking like ‘you' is no fun at all so it's great to work with your make up artist (or experiment on your own) so you can discover what looks and feels right for you.

I'm so pleased that Tabby will be back with 2 more awesome posts on bridal beauty ~ next time she'll be sharing her Top 5 Bridal Make Up Application Tips then the week after that she'll be sharing her thoughts on Bridal Make Up Styles & Colour!

In the meantime, be sure to check out Tabby's awesome make up artistry on her website and visit her blog, The Bridal Stories, where she shares bridal beauty inspiration and her top tips on wedding make up!

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