When it comes to rings, I've always been of the ‘less is more' persuasion.

That is, I adore, thin, delicate bands. (Case in point.)

Perhaps it's because I have short, stubby fingers – anything too thick and whoops! there goes half my finger.

So when I chanced upon Catbird's eternity bands, described as ‘the slimmest, sparkliest eternity band in all the land'.

Well, it was love at first sight.

Aren't they just perfection?

I thought you lovely lot would fall just as hard for Catbird's unique engagement and wedding rings.

Here's a selection of my absolute favourites (the majority of which feature delightfully delicate bands) to suit a wide range of budgets:



How awesome is that rainbow ombre band?!

I'd love to hear which ring is your favourite so please do spill in the comments.

Click to see Catbird's full range of unique engagement and wedding rings.

(They do manly men's rings too!)

Psst….Catbird are also purveyors of those boho chic first knuckle rings spotted at many a festival. I'm a little bit obsessed with them of late – see my Jewellery board on Pinterest for more.