We're taking a break away from our usual helpings of wedding inspiration this weekend, to share this fun infographic with you guys.

Created by UK-based wedding photographer, Barry Page Photography, he's noticed a big change in weddings over the years, and thought it might be a good idea to compare 80s weddings to modern day nuptials, to see how far we've come.


And while we're not quite ready to give up cascading bouquets just yet, and we're not sure if Kate Middleton's bridal style defines the generation (we don't know many real brides these days who have a tiara on their head and a prince on their arm!) we have to say, most of it, is spot on.


Photo by Elaine Palladino Photography via Bridal Musings

From swapping prawn cocktails for goats cheese tartlets at dinner, to skipping formal family shots for fun in the photobooths, then of course there's breaking away from big hair and blue mascara for something altogether more chic, weddings have become less traditional and more creative.

And that's before we even get started on chalkboard signage and mason jars.

Have a look and see which areas you think have changed most over the last 30 years.

1980s vs Now | Barry Page Photography | Bridal Musings

Well, would you prefer a simple 80s bash, or are you embracing the modern era of wishing trees and thumb prints?

Let us know what you think has changed the most with weddings over the years.

Thanks so much to Barry Page Photography for the fun graphic.

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