I'm loving the way the term ‘geek' has been reclaimed as something cool.

I was always considered geeky at school, didn't fit in…you know the drill. But now, I am proud to be a ‘wedding geek' {def: obsessed with weddings, blogoholic, permanently attached to my laptop} not to mention the fact that I married one of the biggest internet/tech/Apple geeks known to man!

Geek chic embraces stereotypical geeky characteristics – glasses, computers, comics and a love of sci-fi. With the rise of Geek Chic, comes the Geek Chic Wedding!

I have curated a bunch of fabulously geeky images and ideas to create ‘The Ultimate Geek Chic Wedding'.

Let's start with…

The Proposal:

I was horrified to find out that there have been lots of proposals via Twitter!

According to Mashable, this was the first ever marriage proposal on Twitter:

His girlfriend tweeted back: ‘OMG – Ummmmm…I guess in front of the whole Twitter-verse I'll say – I'd be happy to spend the rest of my geek life with you.'

Just thought I'd share that with you guys, it's the height of geekiness and this is the ULTIMATE geek chic wedding after all!

The Engagement Shoot:

Here is a perfect example of a Geek Chic couple, doing it their way. He is a chemistry teacher and together they have some serious chemistry so where better than the chemisty lab to take their photos?!

Or this couple who brought along their custom Nintendo DS consoles to their engagemet shoot…

The Venue:

Where would this ultimate, geek chic wedding take place?

The library, of course. Where else?!

The Save The Dates:

In keeping with the library theme, these lending cards make perfect Save the Dates.

Or, for the more modern, computer savvy couple, a floppy disc!

Or why not have a binary save the date? Because nothing says ‘I love you' like the numbers zero and one!

I can't begin to tell you how much I adore this giant Mac Calendar icon save the date!

British designer Amma of Beyond Beyond creates designs that are so retro, fun and full of geek chic charm!  Calculator save the date anyone?

The Invitations:

Sent via email! That's what we did {it was Zee's suggestion} and although I was hesitant at first ~ it turned out to be a brilliant decision! We used Paperless Post which sends out gorgeous e-invites that guests RSVP to at the click of a button. No stamps/paper/waiting around for ages.

The Transport:

A Back To The Future style Delorean {this photo is too funny!}

The Decor:

Recycled comic book hanging heart garlands…LOVE these!

The Escort Cards:

This couple made their guests do sums to find their table number!

The Rings:

The fiance of a Microsoft game developed had this ring custom made for him. It's engraved with the words : ‘For a lifetime of memories'.

Or how about a couple of creative, geeky ring shots?!

The Cufflinks:

Computer keyboard letters of the couple's initials…perfect!

Beautiful Brides and Gorgeous Grooms:

Just check out how fabulous these brides and grooms look in their glasses!

I really must invest in a faux pair of Geek Chic glasses!

The Bouquet:

Yes…your eyes do not deceive you. That is, in fact, a Lego bouquet. Legendary.

The Favours:

I couldn't believe these actually existed ~ keyboard dusters for your guests! The label reads ‘We were swept off our feet!'

The Cake:

There are so many wonderful examples of Geek Chic wedding cakes. Brides and grooms who don't want to unleash their inner geek throughout the whole of their wedding theme can use a playful cake or cake topper as a nod to their geeky ways.

Here's a few of my favourites:

Pacman & Paclady get hitched!

Wooden Princess Lea and Hans Solo cake toppers!

Customised Mii Cake Toppers!

And the sweetest of all…'love in the library' cake topper complete with books, a pair of glasses and a calculator!

The Playlist:

Here are a few of the highlights:

Weird Al Yancovic ~ White and Nerdy {of course}

Flight of Conchords ~ The Robot Song {The Humans are Dead} especially for Brett's ‘binary solo' at the end of the song.

Glee ~ Don't Stop Believin' {For the chic ‘Gleeks'}

The Photography:

With a few Photoshop special effects the bride and groom can be their geeky idols for the day!

So there you have it ~ the ULTIMATE geek chic wedding!

Please do contribute your own additions to the Geek Chic Wedding Playlist {it was surprisingly hard to think of geeky songs!} or suggest any other geek chic wedding touches you like.

I'd really love to hear them!

{Longest Image credits ever: Geek typography/ E-shoot via Wedding Bureau /E-Shoot by Michelle Chiu / Library Wedding Images by Laura Ivonova via Style Me Pretty / Save The Date Floppy Disk / Binary Save The Date / Calendar Save The Date via Love and Lavender / Calculator Save The Date by Beyond Beyond / Delorean {available for hire in the UK} / Comic Book Hearts/ Math Escort Cards via Ever Ours / Glasses Ring Shot by Todd Pellow / Nintendo Ring Shot by Michelle Chiu / Computer Cuff Links / Bride & Groom by via Ever Ours / Bride & Flowers via Once Wed / Bride in Floral Crown by Jonas Peterson /  Bride & Groom on Fence via Before The Big Day / Bride by Todd Pellow / Lego Bouquet / Keyboard DustersPacman Cake / Star Wars Cake Topper / Mii Toppers via Michelle ChiuLibrary Toppers/Harry Potter Image by Michelle Chiu }