Whether you plan to DIY your wedding day hair, or not, it's always good to have a few gorgeous upstyles in your arsenal. And as you may know, an effortlessly tousled, low bun is among our favourites.

Today, award-winning hairstylist Emily Kent of The Wedding Hair Company, the lady behind Feather & Coal, (one of our top hair accessory designers, this year), has created a tutorial just for us, that any bride could try herself. 

Based around her pretty 106 hair piece, (a selection of Swarovski crystal hair pins), this updo is modern, yet timeless, and really easy to do (promise!)

Scroll down for the step-by-step guide, and best of all, find out how you can win one of Feather & Coal's gorgeous bridal hair pieces for yourself, at the bottom of the page!

Now, over to you Emily…

Effortless Wedding Day Upstyle

I wanted to do a tutorial for readers that was truly achievable, by keeping steps to a minimum, while using basic styling techniques.

I created this style with the vision of the look resting on roughness, imperfections and a ‘lived in' feel. It should be achievable within 30 minutes or so, depending on the thickness of your hair.

I have used 106 from my current collection, as it is really easy to wear in your hair, flexible and can be worn in many ways – this being one of them. 

So to begin you will need:

  • Hand bands
  • Hair grips and pins
  • Pin tail comb
  • Dry shampoo
  • Hairspray 
  • Hair wand  

Start with washing and drying your hair, to ensure it is clean and completely dry. Then decide where you would like to place your parting, both a center and side-parting will work perfectly for this look, while leaving any loose pieces of hair around the face, for a natural finish.

Step One

Firstly, spray dry shampoo at the roots throughout, to give grip and texture to the hair; this immediately makes the hair easier to work with.

My favourite high street dry shampoo is the Casual Matt Texture Dry Shampoo from Toni & Guy. 

Step Two 


Roughly wave the hair with a waving wand. Cloud 9 has always been my favourite, its absolutely perfect for this job – quick and easy.

Don’t take much attention while waving, as the purpose is to only add a bend to the hair making it easier to shape.

To make it easier, separate the hair into smaller sections, imagine taking rough inch squares across the head and wave down the length of each section.

When the hair is still in the waves, mist with hairspray, my absolute favourite is this one from Healthy Sexy Hair.

Once the whole head has been waved, run your fingers from the hair, root to tip, to give a loose finish. 

Step Three

Divide the hair into three sections and place into ponytails at the back of the head.

Once they are all tied securely, pull some of the hair above the bands to create volume and softness around the crown, and then spray with hairspray. 

Step Four

Backcomb the hair in the ponytails with a comb, to create volume with a messy texture. Hold the tips of the hair you are working on and push the comb up towards the hair bands.

This will enable to hair to become fuller, while making it easier to work with.

Step Five


The hair in the three ponytails needs to be griped into what will become the main part of the hairstyle.

The trick with separating the hair into three, makes this step a lot easier than approaching all the hair in one go. Start with the middle ponytail and (whilst holding a big grip in your fingers) twist the hair back up towards the base and pin it quickly.

Make sure you use a few grips to secure it, and once you feel it is in place, pull the hair out, shape it and style it.

Just do one ponytail at a time until they are all up in a low shape at the base of the neck. 

Step Six

Arrange the six pins from 106, in which order or arrangement you would like.

They can be grouped together to create the look of one single piece, or spread throughout the hair.

This piece can also be separated between the bridal party, the bride taking the larger pins and the bridesmaids taking the smaller pieces. 

Bridal Hair Tutorial | Emily Kent | Feather & Coal | Bridal Musings Wedding Blog 2

Isn't it chic! And pretty simple too, right? I think this would be a handy one for bridesmaids to have in their repertoire too.

Feather & Coal have been kind enough to give one lucky Bridal Musings' reader the versatile (and super gorgeous) 106 bridal hair piece of their own! Click here to find out how you can enter the giveaway.

Thanks so much to Emily Kent, for sharing her DIY hair tutorial with us. Visit the Feather & Coal website to see more of their beautiful creations.

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