Not satisfied with a trip to your local nightclub adorned with L plates and willy straws?

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Seasoned event planners, Chillisauce know a thing or two about planning hen dos. From one off activities to weekend breaks abroad they can help create the perfect hen do for you and your girls!

Here they share their top 10 hen do activity ideas for all you chic brides looking to do something a little different on your special day.

Top 10 chic and unique Hen Do activity ideas

When it comes to organising your Hen Do you want a plan that reflects your individual likes and dislikes and something that is fun for all. It can be really hard to think of something different to do on your Hen party that will have you talking about it for years to come, and that is really unique.

It can be really tempting to stick to a plan that is simple and conventional like a girly night out or dinner and drinks in the fear that organising something else will be too much hard work or just that you don’t know what else to do. However, there are so many great ideas out there and we have put together our top ten just for you!

Perfume making

We all love smelling sweet so why not learn to make your own perfume? This is a fun and fragrant session where you can try and test to your heart’s content and see what you floral highlights or sexy tones you like the most. Who knows you could have created the next Chanel No.5.

Top Tip: A great choice if you’re planning a hen party in uncertain weather, rain or shine you will have a amazing time.

Flirting and foreplay classes

Pre –wedding you will definitely want to brush up on your bedroom skills and spice things up, so why not include this in your hen party antics. What better way to spend a day out with your hens and have a great time than taking part in flirting and foreplay classes. Whether your Hen party is made up of single or taken ladies, you can guarantee everyone the best time.

Top Tip: Best for a Hen group of your friends rather than family too, to avoid embarrassment all round.

Cocktail Making

Fancy yourself as a cocktail connoisseur? Or just like fancy giving it a go? Then cocktail making is for you. An exciting and interesting activity that everyone can join in with. You will be shown how to make great cocktails and then be let loose to create your own. For added competition see who can come up with the best concoction and name to go with it.

Top Tip: If you have a large group and lots of hens who don’t know each other, this activity acts as the ultimate icebreaker.

Nude Drawing Classes

Don’t be put off by the title, this is actually a very cultured and mild Hen activity which will leave you feeling very sophisticated by the end. Get a chance to explore your artistic side with a session of nude drawing and you may find yourself suitably surprised by the outcome. This is a very relaxing and therapeutic activity for those seeking a low key, daytime Hen Do.

Top Tip: Reject the stereotypical stripper scenario and bring it in to the 21st century. 

Theatre/ Cabaret

A show at the theatre is always a memorable night out whether you go for a flirty cabaret show or a sing along musical, so it can be an awesome option for a Hen do. With this option there is a lot of flexibility with location, meaning you can opt for a city location or local venue to suit your budget and timescale.

Top Tip: Make a night of it with pre theatre dinner and drinks for an extra special evening.


Health Spa

What could be better than a day of pure indulgence at a spa retreat? I’m not sure there is. Relax and unwind with your fellow hens at a pamper party. You can be really feeling the pressure before the big day and this is the best way to relieve all that stress. Feeling extra luxurious? Book you and your hens in for an overnight stay, making use of the full facilitates and take a break from the hustle and bustle.

Top Tip: There are health spas worldwide so the sky really is the limit. Whether home or away you can enjoy chic surroundings and maybe take in a sight or too. 

Model Makeover

Get ready to strike a pose ladies and take pleasure in being treated like a star for a day with this super fun activity. Have your hair and make- up done by professionals and get snapped like an A-lister in true Hollywood style with your girls by your side. It doesn’t get more glamorous than this.

 Top Tip: Just the thing for small Hen party groups wanting a fun and lively day out.


Photo by Sarah Yates

Chocolate Making

For all you chocoholics out there, and we know you are in number there is a scrumptious Hen party made for you. Create your own chocolate treats from molten chocolate re inventing old favourites or even try something completely new. Sticky fingers of the best kind that you won’t want to wash off, but will want to lick clean.

Top Tip: A wonderful activity if you want someone else to take charge leaving you to the chocolate making with your Hens.

Dance Lessons

Not only a fitness fad but an exhilarating and entertaining activity especially for Hens. There are so many great choices from Salsa classes to Bollywood dance lessons, so why not get your groove on and give it a go. You have to admit, it would be full of laughs and the photos would be great; two essential ingredients in the hen party mix.

Top Tip: Make it even more fun by dressing up for your class.

Champagne tasting

Us girls love a glass of bubbly, so what could be better than sipping away at various Champagne labels whilst being educated about them at the same time. Sit back and relax whilst you are served the finest champagnes and catch up with your Hens. This is a great option, everyone from your friends to you Nan will love this.

Top Tip: This is a perfect pre dinner activity that requires little effort but ensures maximum enjoyment.

Many thanks to Chillisauce for sharing these brilliant hen do activity ideas. Check out their website for even more ideas and information on their party packages.

I know I'd blush my way through a nude drawing class but I bet it'd be a lot of fun! I'd also really love to create my own perfume ~ it'd make such a lovely keepsake of the day.

What are you doing for your hen do/bachelorette?