It's the eternal question, right?

How to get a beautiful, flawless complexion, that still looks natural.

Claire here, hello! As someone who still (even approaching 30) suffers from the kind of skin I should have grown out of in my teenage years, I've never quite been able to master my complexion.

While I've read piles of beauty magazines, endless beauty tips, and hundreds of product reviews, we've never quite been able to work out a foolproof way to flawlessness, that works for me every time, whether my skin is dry, oily, tanned or a little pasty.

Photo by Facibeni Fotografia via Bridal Musings

Lisa Eldridge is one of my all time favourite make-up artists, and all-round beauty gurus, she's also a celebrity favourite too. She's all about working with what you've got, enhancing your natural assets, and subtly playing down the features you're not so happy with.

So when I watched her recent video on her ‘Eldridge Technique' for creating flawless skin, saw how easy it was (even I could do it!) and how it would work for every skin type and every skin tone, I knew you guys had to see it too.


Photo by Silvana DiFranco via Bridal Musings

Creating what Lisa calls, ‘Flawless Reality', her pin point concealing technique hides even the most inflamed pimple and flushed red patches, without masking the rest of your skin.

And if there's any day that calls for flawless reality, it's your wedding! You want to look like yourself, but a little bit more polished and perfected too…

Watch This Super Easy Flawless Skin Tutorial

Isn't it simple? But so effective. Even if you're using a make-up artist for your wedding day, it's still such a good trick to have in your arsenal for any last minute flair ups, or to create a professional make-up look for your bridal shower or rehearsal dinner.

And of course, for the day after your wedding, when you might look a little worse for wear!

Have you any handy pre-wedding beauty tips? We'd love to hear them.

And do check out the rest of Lisa Eldridge's YouTube channel (I've lost hours on there!), she's got some gorgeous ideas you could borrow for your big day.

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